Site Development

Winter 2014 - Caroline 1985 added under the memories section, additions to Caroline Movement and Radio Caroline.

Winter 2012 / 2013 - Further tuning of the look to the website and finally getting the watermark right!

Autumn 2012 - a spell of changes, minor changes to the banner (ever so slight!), 2008 FM across the Midlands, Yorkshire and LIverpool, changes to SUSY Radio pages.
We are going through a third phase of various changes. Firstly to harmonise and improve the look of the website and incorporate additional photographic material and where necessary amended text.  Important: Amended 'Copyright & Credits' notice. You'll notice various changes to the header as I try to get my ideas to fit the template we're using!   
July 2011
The site is being amended on a regular basis with News Headlines updates and important changes to the Calendar and Publication sections.
Of major note the addition of 21st Century Pirate Radio section and other improvements elsewhere.
February 2011
After a few months inactivity it is intended to start Phase 2 of site development from this month.
This will include:
News Updates - Media news - generally headlines.
We will shortly be adding a Memories section and the first item will be the Mebo II of Clacton-on-Sea in 1970.
Further pictures of the Ross Revenge have been added this time at her current location at Tilbury.
The webmaster sends his sincerest apologises but I need to talk to our technical guru to re-set the e-mail as it is currently off-line and this may involve a slight change of address. Once we've got this sorted it will help you to send in your memories. Articles can be submitted so we can fully accredit you. However, if you only wish to use your first name (or professional name or whatever) please state clearly. Likewise the same with photos. Please only submit photohtaphs which you have taken and are the copyright holder. The same rules apply to photos re accreditation as articles. If you wish your pictures to be protected we can place a watermark across them.  
We intend to add more information on Other Radio Groups and sites of interest.
Many thanks to Geoff for his support.