sasradiogroup - our next meet is on the Tuesday 4th April 2017 from 8.30pm at the Toby Inn, Redhill. 


  • March 2017
OEM Offshore Echos Magazine -
 Edition recently dropped through the door. As well as the usual news section, there is an interview with Alan Crawford, they continue the Scandanavian theme with Radio Syd, naming of Radio Caroline, The VVR story part 2, Government Files and the May 1978 Newscaster. For link to the OEM website see Other Groups

Seborga - The Sunday Telegraph carried an article on 19th March "UK-born DJ Fights to become Italian Ruler". This is actually about mark Dezzani's attempt to become elected to the largely ceremonial post of Prince of Seborga. Seborga is a micro state not recognised by Italy. Mark used to help run Radio Activity in Crawley, West Sussex initially on 270 metres then on FM in the late 70s and early 80s. He was also active on the short-wave station Radio Zodiac / Zodiac 49 and in London on London Music Radio. This was the FM station which pinched the name of the 1970s medium wave pirate.

Sasradiogroup - another decently attended meet. I got told off for not updating the meet details on the news page! At least people are reading this anyway, Some good far ranging discussions on radio. Why is 162 kHz still on-air with a carrier? Plus lot more including our latest newsletter on the London FM scene.

International Radio Report - the March edition is now available. Includes lots of news and contributions and details of the 2017 Radio Day in the Netherlands. For more info go to the link below, click and go to International Radio Report section Hans Knot

  • February 2017
Sealand - Badger advised us on the 15th that Prince Michael of Sealand made an appearance of the Jeremy Vine Show interviewed by Vanessa Feltz with a further call to Michael Barrington on Sealand, Sealand on BBC Radio 2. fast forward to 1:9:0

Bob le Roi - Tony advises quite a few updates to the website

Sasradiogroup - nine attended this months meet. Discussions on 162 kHz (still on-air), 1395 kHz Tirana and the fact that there is also another station on this channel, short-wave on Sunday, Caroline & Quasar applications to Ofcom (some interesting info here!) And also Brian Halls funeral. Brian being an older generation than us at 78. Brian is best known as Abie Cohen amongst others founder of Radio Aquarius 94.4 part of the LTIR network. I had the fortune to meet Brian a couple of times at a couple of Susy Radio events at the end of their RSLs in the noughties.

  • January 2017
AM DX - worthwhile around down and sunset tuning into some Irish stations. Spirit Radio 549 kHz is putting-in some very strong signals at the moment. On 981 kHz you can (just about) hear Star Country in the morning. Radio North on 846 (as we discussed a couple of months ago at our meet) is a lot weaker nowadays. Previous power at 1/2kW. But it's a good channel and receivable in the evenings.

International Radio Report - always a pleasure to point you in the directions of Hans Knots' latest epistleLots of news and memories from the Offshore Radio worldTake a dip into Hans Knot

Sealand - Tony has forwarded us a link to an article in the Daily Mail dated 15th January. Quite an extensive article about the State, decent colour pictures and why they have had a flodd of enquiries about citizenship.

The BBC - i had to Laugh Out Loud at this. This year the BBC Trust is being abolished and they are to be regulated by Ofcom. The Beeb is complaining that under Ofcom the regulation costs will double to £9 million per annum. Ofcom says they need to increase staff to cope with the workload.

sasradiogroup -  a very newsy meet! Bretagne 5 on 1593 kHz (150 watts merp reported but the website says 10kW, 162 kHz France Inter closure (note the tx is still on), poor SW conditions but massive solar storms and aurora boreolis, Quasar and Radio Caroline applications to Ofcom and of course Susy Radio with an appearance by the former MD Colin Pearce.