sasradiogroup - Meetings are currently CANCELLED due to the COVID 19 virus. Watch this space for updates...

IMPORTANT: When you enter the bar area type in your Car Registration!!!

June 2021

Sasradiogroup-  we have had initial talk on resuming meetings but, as of this moment nothing has been agreed. We have pitched a new locale given the pre COVID issues that we were experiencing.

BM NECTAR - our box number isn't getting the traffic that we used to. At the moment it is intended to close this facility later on this year.

BBC Local Radio - as expected we can hear daytime BBC Essex on 765 and 729 kHz with a message saying to retune to DAB etc. At nighttime both BBC Stoke 1503 kHz and Cambridgeshire 1026 kHz carry their own messages. It makes me laugh when they say for example 752 medium wave. 

BBC -they always seem to bang on about the SNP and Scottish independence. Isn't that a 5 to 10% loss in license revenue if that happens 

May 2021

Great British Railway Journeys - tonight 4th May Michael Portillo visits Writtle to look at the site of 2MT the first broadcasts in the U.K. In 1922. On BBC2 at 6.30pm.

Rock - is a 60 year old Medway coaster, one of the few remaining. If you have £875,000 you can buy the 92 ft long shipwhich was converted into a spacious and comfortable home extensively refitted in 2003 with bottom re-plated and bilge keels added, portholes replaced and new steel roof and roof lights. Four cabins, studio office, large saloon and bathroom/utility room.  The vessel is operational with permanent mooring in Wapping. For sale with the Unique Property Company.

April 2021

Tune Into Yesterday - Issue 92 Spring 2021- of interest to Offshore Radio Fans with an article by Ron O'Quin on The operation of Radio England / Britain Radio and some great Pictures of the tendering of RNI's Mebo 2. Plus vintage articles about Radio in the 1920s and 30s. Also Issue 92 Supplement Sherlock Holmes on the Radio 1932-1948.

Caroline Community Radio - has been chastised by Ofcom for broadcasting a song  with over two minutes of sexual moaning at 8.20 in the morning. The track French Kiss by Lil Louis was down to transferring material from one computer to another and that "some scheduling restrictions had not been carried over to the new system."

Tony reports that the BBC is turning off AM transmitters for the following local radio stations: Cambridgeshire, Devon, Essex, Hereford& Worcester, Lancashire, Leeds, Sheffield, Stoke, Ulster and Foyle. Also coverage would be reduced at BBC Wales and Gloucester.

March 2021

Offshore Echos Magazine - edition 203 is now out- Lady in Distress Part 5 the 1989 raid, RNI the 1971 return Part 3, Radio Syd Story part 16  (390 North), Government Files, Keith Skies interview, , Obituary Chris Moore.

Louise Ottens - creator of the compact cassette tape died on March 6, 2021. In the early 60s the first version was exhibited in Berlin in 1963. RCA had previously developed a tape cartridge but it was much bigger. Imitations appeared in Japan and is switchinPhillips  licensed the design without charge thus ensuring one format and longevity of design. Originally in 60 minute but extended to 90 and 120 minute formats. Post 1974 MOA the compact cassette was essential for taped offshore programmes on Radio Mi Amigo etc. TDK C120 chrome dioxide. Also much used by land based pirates too.

February 2021

Payola - Ocom has launched an investigation into DJ Tiiny (real name Frank Boakye-Yiadom). It is alleged he asked artists for payments of £200 to play artists records. The DJ joined Capital Extra in 2018 and was dropped earlier this month.  Such payments being against broadcast guidelines. He apologised via Twitter and said he'd learned a much needed lesson.

UBN - the arts section of the Daily Telegraph carried an extensive article on this in house broadcaster on 27 February. Starting on 1st September 1970 and ceased on December 16 1979. Famed as an excellent trading ground for broadcasters it was et up to reduce staff turnover among the 20,000 staff employed at the avarious biscuit factories across the U.K. The station would pay for itself if this could be reduced by 20% instead they achieved 60% within the first year.  A good article if you can find it and the sort of thing we would show amongst the group at out meets.

Talking Pictures TV - Ofcom have abandoned there investigations into the station. The regulator had come under fire from across the broadcast industry.

Radio Nord Revival - to celebrate the 60th anniversary the revival returns on the weekend of 7th and 8th March. Using a 10kW A3H transmitter on one of the following frequencies: 6035, 6060, 6130 or 6200 kHz in the 49 metre band. During the broadcast it is likely the station will shift frequencies. Transmission site is Ringvalla, Sala.

Radio Caroline 648 - field strength has improved again. On my Grundig it is up to 4.4. Originally it was around 3.8 and last year dipped and then improved upping to 3.8/4.0. There have been rumours of  power increase for some time and the station needs it as it gets clobbered by the Spanish even in Essex at night. 

The first Hans Knot International Radio Report of 2021is now available from today 13th.

Talking Pictures TV - Lord Grade, former Chairman of the BBC, has weighed in, stating that Ofcom !he is deeply troubled by the investigation and that it could set a "dangerous precedent". He claiming it would be politically correct censorship. He has written to the regulator in support. Ed: Ofcom is the judge, prosecution and jury and seems to be accountable to no-one.

Radio Caroline North - a welcome respite the station is back this weekend across 13th and 14th on 1368 via Manx Radio and 648 kHz plus the Internet.

Talking Pictures TV - the lockdown success story has between 3.5 to 6 million viewers according to different sources. After one complaint upheld by Ofcom the station makes studios efforts to warn viewers about content before each programme unlike the BBC. Again Ofcom has started a full investigtion  after one complaint. This time about 70s series Rogue's Rock is set on a private island off the south coast. The problem is that onede episode featured blackface. Ofcom has warned the station that its approach is outdated and the small station faces being fined. Ed: I'm with Talking Pictures here. They give plenty of warnings and it is very clear to viewers what they should be expecting. Warnings are given before every show whether it needs it or not. Blackface is very controversial. Many classic Westerns have these or what about the film Ghandi? or war films? Ofcom is increasingly WOKE and acting as a censor and some feel it is trying to close down the station. Talking Pictures is a window on the past and carries many documentaries showing life as it was. It is interesting that many 30 and 40 year olds are finding it an interesting contrast to today's PC and revisionist broadcasters. We live in a strange world where just one complaint can bring huge fines. We need to support them or else our history faces being wiped. Ofcom has a duty to preserve and not destroy.

The Telegraph - The Sunday version had a go at Radio 2 on the 7th. A veteran DJ on the station says it sound like a "hen party" as the network further chases working class women. Since 2018 it has been trying to pinch liateners from Heart, Magic and Smooth. James Parnell is the architect behind this partially due to criticism from Ofcom about the stations reach. This has been unsuccessful and Radio 2 is losing listeners and their rivals gaining. Helen Thomas the new controller is continuing the policy which has seen specialist shows dropped and 60s and 70s music dropped. Ed: you might ask why Ofcom is interfering by stating that the working class feel under represented by the Beeb. The station has been drifting this way before 2018 as it sounds like a commercial station albeit with a larger playlist. Older DJs like Ken Bruce, Paul Gambacini, Johnnie Walker and Steve Wright must feel like their days are numbered.

Daily Telegraph - there has been some recent correspondence about Radio 2 with claims that baby boomer generation have been deserted. Today 2nd Feb a letter from Max Ingram suggests they tune into Caroline Flashback! 

January 2021

Red Sands Fort 27 January 2021 a three men have been fined for breaching COVID 19 restrictions for visiting the fort. After seeing the forts on TV they travelled down 180 miles from Staffordshire. After getting to the fort on Sunday they were marooned as their inflatable boats drifted away. After spending the night on board they were rescued by Sheerness Lifeboat.

December 2020

PUB TIME you might not be able to visit one but a few have come through the postbox or email!

Offshore Echoes Magazine Edition 202 with News, Lady In Distress part 4, RNI the 1971 return part 2, Radio Syd Stpry part 15,Government Files, Remethtmbering Roman, Mile Plumley's Memories, Reviews, Terry Bate interview and The End of the Mi Amigo's 1973 Mast. Here you will see that the original intention was to rebuild the the triangular mast and new sections were on deck. 

Tune Into Yesterday Christmas 2020 Issue 91 and Supplement Music In Old Tome Radio.

The latest Hans Knot International Radio Report.

SUSY RADIO in the Community Radio Awards we have won Bronze in the Live Events Outside Broadcast of the Year. This was for Surrey Fire and Rescue Service Open Day.

November 2020

SUSY Radio- 22nd November has been shortlisted for two nominations for the Community Radio Awards 'Live Event or Outside Broadcast of the Year' for Surrey Fire and Rescue Open Day and for Arts and Creative Radio of the Year for David Jay's Remembrance Sunday.

Ofcom has published data showing that the BBC is losing the loyalty of the older viewers both in number and hours watched or listened. Of course the Beed does shoot themselvesin the foot removing specialist programming from Radio 2. Of course they ignore that this appeals beyond the older audience.

Neil Brand returns with The Sound of TV on Friday 4th December on BBC4.  Episode 1 is TV themes and for many of us the sound of our youth. Of course catch the offshore radio connections. So the music from Danger Man appears as well as The Prisoner. The first there is an episode called 'Not so Jolly Roger' and the Prisoner theme was used for the Album Sound Countdown in the late 70s by Caroline.

Tanks on the Lawn -Sky have put Sky Arts onto Freeview Channel 11. This is a direct challenge to the BBC where rumours persist that BBC4 will be closed by the Corporation  due to cuts. Of course this hasn't stopped them from expanding into other area mainly aimed at the youth such as Radio 1's new Dance station. If you look at the BBC4 schedule it does look like 

 They are trying to rise with the challenge.Radio Seagull - the original transmitter on 1602 kHz has moved across to 1287 kHz. This is due Tom increased interference probably from other channels allocated by the Dutch authorities.

Lastly, if this ection looks a bit odd it's because I'm doing this on the iPadand i prefers use the laptop for this.

  • Octoberber  2020
We have no idea when our meetings will resume but, in the background are working on a 2019/2020 London FM newsletter. This will be sent out via email.

I do wonder who looks at our website and how many. According to google we have had 2,174 views in the last 30 days. That we excludes admin or owner visits.

Hans Knot International Radio Report The October 2020 edition is available. News and lots of memories and interesting articles.  Click on the link and see how our friend  Hans Knot does his newsletter.

October 12th – Hans Knot passed on the very sad news that Stuart Dobson passed away.  Stuart was the last person winched up from the Ross Revenge when the ship stranded on the Goodwin Sands in 1991. After that he spent many times working for free on the Ross Revenge in Dover and took part in some RSL’s including RNI from the LV17. Stuart found out about us (via Tony) and was a regular contributor to our SAS newsletter. The provided extension short-wave pirate radio loggings, Irish illegal AM broadcasters and also FM pirates from the Birmingham / Wolverhampton area.

I believe Stuart had had a brain tumour many years ago and was diagnosed again with this condition this year.  In early September he had a surgery after another  brain tumour was found. With a 50/50 change of success he fought as much as possible but sadly didn’t make it.

It is sad that we have lost another member of our SASradiogroup. Our thoughts are with his brother Ken and family. 

  • September  2020
Two publications have fallen through the mailbox this month

Offshore Echos Edition 201 -  Featuring Lady In Distress Part 3, Radio Northsea  the 1971 return part1, The Radio Syd Story Part 14,The Name is Lion by Hans Knot, Government Files, Remembering Ronan and a Tribute to the late AJ Beirns To get your copy go visit

Tune Into Yesterday - Issue 90 Autumn 2020 "Good Guys and Bad Guys", Articles from Radio Pictorial from the 1930s including Late Night Transmission written by Maurice Griffith a Radio Normandy announcers. and originally printed on August 18th 1939. Plus Issue 90 Supplement "Hell, I was there!" Memories of Britain Radio and Radio England by Ron O'Quinn programme director., Lessons of the  'Mars Invasion'. Causes and reactions to the broadcast by Orson Wells. Plus The Archers in the pandemic

Radio Caroline - The 648 transmitter at Orfordness is now connected to one of the 350ft main aerial masts instead of the 160ft standby tower. Initially signal strength went down at our locale near Gatwick and additional  work was required to make the other full height masts compliment the signal and not absorb or deflect it. The signal is slightly better than before and the modulation is good and punchy. Night time reception appears to have improved.  Alan Beech has applied to Ofcom for an increase in power over the present 1kW. Some sources are saying that 5/10kW has been requested but it is far more likely that 2kW has been asked for. It is needed since in winter the Spanish station does clobber the signal.

  • August  2020
Hans Knot International Radio Report The Summer  2020 is available. A longer and more detailed report from Hans. Still tons of info  Link Hans Knot

Radio Caroline - the August fundraiser raised over £40,000 

Ross Revenge - August 4th - the old anchor and chain has been lifted and replaced with a brand new one.

Principality of Hut River - The Daily Telegraph brings us bad news that after 50 years 'independence' has lost its battles to retain independence. Recent court cases have been won by the Australian tax authorities has resulted in AUD 30 million owing t5o them. The 'state' has been dissolved on 3rd August  and the farm will haveto be sold to pay the taxman. Once the story on a Radio Netherlands Media Network program.

Live Like a Bond Baddie - August 2nd The Times carried a near full page article as three 19th Century Forts in the Solent are put up for sale. Prices range from £750,000 for the Derelict Horse Sans and £4m for Spitbank and £4.2m for No Man's. The latter two having been refurbished as Hotel and Event venues.

  • July 2020
The Last Pirates:  Britain's Rebel DJsThis BBC documentary due to air at 10pm on Friday 31st July on BBC4. It is a repeat of the September 2017 documentary. I will pull out my review of this as you might want an alternative view to balance out Rodney P's slanted and perhaps political viewpoints.

Rewind - The Times reports on July 22nd that the Official Charts Company that 65,000 music cassettes were bought from January to June 2020. This is twice as many as last year for the first 6 months. It is expected that yearly sales will exceed 100,000 units. The last time this was achieved was 2003. They are bought not only by us oldies but also for their collectable appeal by young consumers. Average price is £10. Part of the revival is down to retro appeal, the Guardians of the Galaxy film. It must also be in part to how the audio is compressed on the medium resulting in a different sound to that of CDs.

SUSY Radio - the station celebrated their eight year of full-time broadcasting  on 15th July 2020 at 12 midday. No mean feat especially in the current COVID downturm. The station is offering a special package to advertisers "Reviving your Business to assist with their business at this time. For further info see the website SUSY Radio 103.4

UK AM & FM Radio - July 4th the Government has announced that FM and AM is being allowed to continue for another 10 years. John Whittingdale, Media Minister said commercial radio would be licensed for another decade to allow loyal listeners to continue to listen without the disruption of switching to digital. Circa 60% of listening is digital but this is across ALL platforms.

Steam Tug Challenge - 4th of July. Contact from Tony and the weekly newsletter re the tug in my inbox. The tug has to be lifted out of the water again to fix a leak (a small hole in the plating) and this is organised for the 7th. It is also intended to replace the ships side valves. Other engine restoration work continues and the ship is back at 42 berth. Donations are welcome via the GoFund site. 

BBC Local Radio and TV - July 4th. In a devious and sneaky move the "temporary" emergency programming schedules on BBC local radio are to become permanent. Take a look at the Radio Times and you will see that all BBC local radio have exactly the same timetables. Whilst hours were increased there are fewer presenters on air for longer. The Beeb state some shows and presenters will not return.  On TV areas have decreased e.g. London and the South East News, TV news will only have one presenter (eg Look North and Look East). Inside Out with 11 regional editions has been axed.. One sixth of the regional workforce (450 jobs) are being axed.

Ed's comments: What some of us suspected has come true. BBC local radio appears to have lost all its distinctive programming. Specialist shows which only survived the last cuts by remaining on the regional evening time have gone. No more specialist music. This is a cost saving drive dictated by BBC bosses in London who care not. Much preferring to aim at the youth, BAME or other specialist audiences. Apart from the underhand way that this has been done it is a hammer blow to the stations. During COVID people want to be entertained and losing for example Nicky Horne's show on Sunday nights with 1940s / 50s music shows really hits hard  at older and specialist audiences. This is the action of an uncaring, urban BBC who have lost touch with mainstream audiences.

  • June 2020
Steam Tug Challenge - 30th June Tony reports the latest updates. After trials and tribulations the ownership of the restored vessel is handed over by the DLSRT (Dunkirk Little Ships Restoration Trust) to a new owner Mr Chris Bannister. This was after a 2 week docking period where the hull was stripped down and repainted, masts renovated. The ship had been due to move to London Docks from Southampton but this fell through and ownership was retained by the DLSRT. Enter Chris Bannister who after negotiations has taken her over. Next stop is for a boiler survey before the tug sails to a new home on the East Coast. The Challenge is of major interest to Offshore Radio fans as she was used to position the forts in the Thames Estuary.

Floating Tax Havens - The Times carried an extensive article on June 16th, referring to Sealand, the Seatrading Institute in San Francisco, has resurrected the idea of floating seasteds. These have to be outside territorial waters. However, the UN does not recognise sovereignty for artificial structures or islands although the establishment of Sealand predates this. In reality we know they would need to create a microstate and probably be 200 miles offshore. Last April Thailand raided one of Phuket and towed it ashore. The owners Chad Elwartowski and his partner fled before the raid. Hi tech pods costing USD 195,000 are proposed but this would be a forerunner  to bigger floating structures. 

Publications - Offshore Echos Edition 200. The original proposed 200th issue has been replaced by an issue dedicated to celebrate the life of Ronan O'Rahilly 1940-2020. Many stories and contributions "So thank you Ronan, may you rest in peace". There is currently a special subscription off so go visit

Hans Knot International Radio Report June 2020 is available. An earlier and shorter report from Hans. Still tons of info  Link Hans Knot
  • April 2020
Release FM - Gerry referred  me to an article in the Surrey Mirror where former FM pirate Release FM has gone legal on DAB. Now renamed as Release Radio it is run by DJ Mathew rackley, owner Gary McManus and Technician Ed Rimmer. It is available across Berkshire, Surrey and party of London.
Publications - Tune Into Yesterday - the Spring 2020 Edition 89 hit the doormats! with News from the Archives and The Reichsrundfunk Tape recorder. The Supplement is on the US Office of War Information programmes in WW2 August 1943 to September 1945. 

Hans Knot International Radio Report EXTRA April 2020 is in tribute to the late Ronan O'Rahilly. Hans Knot

The Times - the paper on 23rd April carried a full page obituary to Ronan O'Rahilly. Very extensive and quite readable. Does have some of the usual inaccuracies and showing 'the other side' of the man.

Ronan O'Rahilly - it was expected but it is with deep regret that the death of Ronan has been announced. He passed away at the end of 79 on April 20th. Ronan, was at times very controversial but without him there would be no Caroline and no re-launch in 1972 and 1983. A great man.

March 2020
Publications - Offshore Echos Edition 199. An appropriate number including a number concerned with Caroline. Lady in Distress part 2 1989, Caroline's  return in 1972 part 5 and Raiders of the Ross Revenge part 3. Plus Radio Geronimo's 50th birthday, Radio Syd Story part 13  Radio Syd Television, Government Files, Tribute to Klaas Vaak (Tom Mulder) of radio Veronica and an interview with the late Robin Banks in 2005

  • February 2020
The March meeting is to be held at The Home Cottage. We are very aware of parking issues and accessibility if you have mobility problems. So we are looking to change the venue again but we need to give some serious  thought on this. The Toby Inn remains closing at 10pm which is of no help to us. So watch this space... 

Abandoned Engineering: Britain's Sea Fort Complex - The Red Sands Sea Fort. This may be a repeat but is airing on Sunday 1st March at 4pm on Yesterday on Freeview.

Hans Knot International Radio Report Winter Edition 2020 is available. 32 pages of radio news and nostalgia compiled by the famous and respected  offshore radio historian Hans Knot. Link Hans Knot
  • January 2020
Surrey Mirror - another smaller article about Radio Jackie appeared on 16th January in relation to a celebratory meal at the Stepping Stones, Westhumble, Dorking in December 2019 along with a photograph of DJs and supporters from the past. It is quite common for newspaper articles about pirate radio to be 'fillers' or bumped down the order to a later date which is what appears to have happened to this one and the one published on January 2nd.

The BBC is to close a further 18 medium wave transmitters across England, Scotland and Wales in the next stage of its plan to cut costs. These are
BBC Radio Cornwall 630 and 657 kHz, BBC Radio Merseyside 1485 kHz, BBC Radio Newcastle 1458 kHz), BBC Radio Solent 999 kHz and BBC Radio Solent (for Dorset) 1359 kHz, Three Counties Radio 630 and 1161 kHz,  and BBC Radio York 666 and 1260 kHz. The following stations will have reduced MW coverage:BBC Radio Scotland: Areas in and around both Aberdeen and Kirkcudbright, BBC Radio Wales: Tywyn, Forden and Llandrindod Wells transmitter areas, BBC Radio Cumbria: Areas in and around Whitehaven, BBC Radio Norfolk: Areas in and around Norwich

Surrey Mirror - pick up a copy of the paper dated January 2nd. On pages 24 and 25 their is a two page article celebrating 50 years of Radio Jackie. Lots of decent photos and some interesting text. You'll find that 
  • December 2019
Caroline Flashback - I was pleased to hear a relay of this station on 927 kHz at my locale near Gatwick from 1.30 to 2pm on 31st December where I got the ID.This was the first time I have heard the Suffolk pirate which relays this station. It must have been on hi-power and we were on a day with short daylight hours. Nice to have got this catch.

Publications - Tune Into Yesterday - the winter edition dropped through the letterbox as did the latest Offshore Echos Magazine Edition 198 (news, book reviews, Radio Caroline 1972 return Part 4, Radio Syd Story Part 11- Radio Syd Television,the Government Files, Raiders of the Ross Revenge Part 2 etc) and Hans Knot International Radio Report  are all available
  • November 2019
BBC Radio - reports have appeared in the national press that they intend to launch 60s, 70, 80s and 90s offshoots of Radio 2 to compete with stations such as Absolute Radio. This is very controversial as the BBC say they don't have to money to pay for free TV licenses for the over 75s and are withdrawing the text info on the red button.

CAROLINE IN HOT WATER WITH OFCOM - Jeremy reported on 5th November that this was apparently for playing a track with offensive lyric on a Top 15 show. On
page 28 here; As with many of the complaints you will notice that there was only one complainant!

sasradiogroup -Main news was Radio Caroline - Ray stated that the station had shut down for maintanence.  When it returned power was up to previous levels. In fact sasradiogroup members found it a bit better that when it first came on-air. The other vast improvement is the audio. Now sounding very punchy!

MEETINGS: there was a discussion about our current locale as last orders was now at 10pm and this meant that people coming from further away had less time to chat. The Home Cottage (our first home) was considered and, after that nights meet, it was decided to switch back from the December 2019 meet! Also the fact that there was no pump beer anymore helped too!

  • October 2020
Radio Luxembourg - SB emailed us with an article in the Daily Mail dated 26th October re the unveiling of a Blue Plaque outside the stations original London Headquarters in Mayfair.
Various DJs including Howard Pearce, Pete Murray 94, David Jensen 69, Mike Read 72, Tony Prince 75 and Mark Wesley 71 were their for the unveiling. A nice article except the article as SB says states they had a 100 watt transmitter! "Great typical Mail accuracy!" he writes.

Radio Jackie 107.8 - 19th October was incredibly 16 years since the re-launch. I remember driving back from JET on the Sunday and listening in. The following day visiting the station on its open day.

RTE - 252 kHz long wave is back on the air albeit perhaps not at 300kW. Thanks to Ray for the info.

Radio Caroline - Ray advised today (9th) that the station is up in power. Near Gatwick reception is up by 4-5 dB and as Ray advises audiio is much beefier.

sasradigroup -the October meet was a bit of a washout. Only a very small number made it through the severe weather with several roads flooded. This meant that a special guest from Essex was unable to make it.

  • September 2019

Publications - Tune Into Yesterday, Offshore Echos Issue 197 and the latest Hans Knot International Radio Report Late Summer 2019 are all available . 

Crawley Hospital Radio - this station closed on 8th September.  They were the first such station to be licensed in the south (on 1287 kHz AM) having had a couple of RSLs beforehand on FM. With the hospital now mainly a day care facility they 'lost' their audience and decided to close down. 

Blue Mink - Gold has banned 'Melting Pot' over alleged racist lyrics after just ONE complaint to Ofcom. Madeline Bell lead singer and former session singer (including the original Caroline The Sound of the Nation jingle package) says the regulator had misheard the words in a song about racial harmony and integration. Ofcom took exception to the word Chinkies' claiming it was a slur on the Chinese population, 

sasradigroup - A very similar turnout to last month and it was great to see Jeremy and Graham who haven't been around for a little while.
News: The Arrow on DAB had shut down about three days before our meeting and Chill had gone too. Having had Atlantis Gold on the South London / Surrey multiplex during daytime and Cyber Rock at night, the latter had just become Atlantis Rock. Cyber Rock oddly continuing on the small scale DAB+ multiplex in London.
Quasar turning five years old this month and a reminder that Southern Radio / South East Sounds would have turned 40!
  • August 2019
sasradigroup - Not a bad  turnout. Radio news on Susy Radio, RAJAR listings for Radio2. It is odd that Ken Bruce's show appears to have more listeners than Zoe Ball on Breakfast. You wouldn't normally expect this so is there a flaw in the way RAJAR works? The next quarters will be interesting.

Ray reports that Cyber Rock is on a small scale DAB+ in London.

sasradiogroup 2018 News on the website and Newsletters (or lack of!!) - those who attend the meeting know that I am dealing with some major issues this year and sadly, this means that it has not been possible to spend the time on updates or writing newsletters. I do hope that this will change.

  • July 2019
sasradigroup - a holiday and work affected meet but still a good turnout. Discussions resolved around developments at Susy Radio and Radio Jackie and SW private / pirate radio amongst others 

OEM Offshore Echos Magazine Issue 196 is now available with news, book reviews Denis O'Callahan's Personal History of Radio Hauraki Part 2, Radio Caroline 1972 return Part 4, Man of Action (releases of this piece of music), Radio Syd Story Part 9 - the Rolling Stones visit the ship! Government Files and Mi Amigo - the escape to Spain  To subscribe
  • June 2019
SUSY Radio 103.4 FM The 26th June saw the much awaited power increase from 50 to 100 watts after OFCOM’s engineers completed various tests for compliance and authorised the turning up of the transmitted power at the Reigate Hill site

International Radio Report - The Early Summer edition of the famous International Radio Report from Hans Knot now available. Link Hans Knot

sasradigroup - a good summer meeting on 5th June discussions included: 

Radio Atlantis Gold - we all thought this sounds exactly like Cyber Gold except they have new jingles (the same package that Cyber used) and ex Caroline DJs Dave Asher, Kevin Turner, etc.
AM pirates in the south-east.

Memories of Caroline in the 70s and 80

Also currently three of our members continue to pay monthly subs to SUSY radio.

Radio Atlantis Gold - On 1st June Ray reported this has replaced Cyber Gold on the south London DAB+ multiplex. Cyber Rock has gone too and now is on-line only. 
David Gapes - one of the four founders of Radio Hauraki has been made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to broadcasting.

  • May 2019

SUSY Radio - at sasradiogroup we are sometimes subject to embargoes on what we can report. Today we can offically announce that Susy Radio's application to Ofcom for an increase in power has been provisionally agreed. This will raise power from 50 to 100 watts. A 3db increase. We have been aware of this for some time including one suggestion for a much higher power increase and change of frequency. Although this wasn't official SUSY policy. Our point of view was to double the power as it was realistic, shouldn't involve a change of frequency and shouldn't upset the French. If you pitch it too high Ofcom would just reject it so being realistic is essential.

  • April 2019

Happy Birthday Radio Caroline - the 55th birthday being celebrated over the Easter weekend on a special Caroline North Broadcast

sasradiogroup - a well attended April meet! Major news re SUSY with a new major advertiser (listen into the station to pick this up)  thrtee of us currently still paying our subs to the station, Radio Jackie's 50th Birthday, Colin Pearse told the story of how Jackie's founders found Radio Helen and decided that that was what they wanted to do and how jackie ended upon 227 metres 1322 kHz. At the previous meet we actually had part of the original t/x on display, 
  • March 2019
The Secret Science of Pop (BBC 4 Friday 22nd March 2019) - this was a repeat but a FASCINATING programme never-the-less. Scientists and researchers analysed 50 years of UK chart music. of particular interest to us is the vast changes they picked up in 1964! With groups like The Stones and the Kinks coming to the fore. The root cause pirate radio - Radio Caroline The Secret Science of Pop

urrey Mirror & Past Times - The paper carried a whole page entitled Sweet Caroline mainly looked at the 1960s and Radio Caroline. Good photos even if the text is at times inaccurate.something which is quite common with articles relating to offshore radio. Also carried in many other regional papers.

Radio Jackie - today 19th March is the stations "50th birthday / anniversary". Many old jingles and stories have been aired throughout the day. If you want a dip into the past (and their website certainly is!) visit RJ Radio Jackie

Tune Into Yesterday - the Spring 2019 Edition 86 hit the doormats! with the Supplement on ' The Pages of radio history' 1940-44. 

OEM - Issue 195 will soon be available to celebrate 45 years of Offshore Echos Magazine -  with 20th October 1978 - The end of Radio Mi Amigo, Radio Mi Amigo 1979
Denis O’Callahan’s Personal History Of Radio Hauraki - Part 1 Radio Caroline 1972 return part 4, Radio Syd Story Part 9, Government files, The political tolerance of Spain with the Offshore stations in the 60s and 70. To subscribe

The new Hans Knot International Radio Report is out now the March / Arpil Edition!

UKRD Group - another smaller group has been absorbed / fallen this month to Bauer Media. Currently it is run as a subsidiary.  Ed: it is not in the public's interest (nor advertisers) that a huge portion of the nation's commercial radio stations are now vested in two media behemoths Bauer and Global.  These groups consider that they are too big to fail. I can assure you that they are not. With an increasing proportion of younger listeners avoiding traditional media altogether they may well live to regret these aquisitions. As for Ofcom they seem to have abdicated their responsibilities on what may seem to be a false premise.

sasradiogroup  - a well attended March meet with a decent amount of news. Top story (handed to us by Hans Knot and Paul Rusling) is the refurbishment and the return to see of the MV Norderney. The vessel to be anchored off Schevingenen all of this August. Plus last December's Tune Into Yesterday.
  • February 2019

Independent Radio - for many this February has been a disaster for this sector as Ofcom allowed further deregulation and larger ' approved areas'. Bauer Media bought Lincs FM, Celador's and The Wireless Group's local stations. Now as reported by Radio Today and The Times Global are to broadcast national breakfast shows on the Capital, Heart and Smooth networks by the end 2019.This is due to deregulation by Ofcom allowing larger ‘approved areas;

Capital to replace 14 breakfast programmes with 9 on the network in England, Scotland and Wales on April 8th. Heart will kill-off 22 breakfast shows down to one across England, Scotland and Wales. This is for both Global and Communicorp owned stations. Drivetime will go down from 22 to just 10. Smooth, again they also get a new national breakfast show. Drivetime programmes will be reduced to  seven. All local and regional weekend programmes on all brands will end with national programmes provided on all frequencies. 24 broadcast centres will be cut down to 14. 

Ed's comments: a rather sad month as the major groups wake up to the threat of internet radio and continue to strip out costs and jobs. Community radio is unlikely to benefit, Audience research shows that internet radio stations and the big media groups will be thew only players to gain from this shake-up.

Quasar - the Album Station - I forgot to report last year that this excellent station is carrying blocks of adverts (yes blocks with major advertisers) every hour on the hour and the half hour

Transatlantic AM DXing - it is still a useful time to do so. Try from 23.00 hrs CYCQ New Brunswick I've heard the past couple of weekends with automated country music programming. Power is 25kW from Newfoundland . I was also hearing two weeks ago stations on 590 and 1010 kHz. 590 is VOCM power 20kW with a soft rock type format and clearly heard by me on Saturday 9th February from 23.00 hrs. Also from Newfoundland. 1010 kHz was hard to define as there were two stations interacting with each other. From 23.00 hrs on Sunday 10th WINS from New York with 50kW and a News / talk format. However at 0200 hours the following morning the predominant station had adverts for Toronto and local news. This is CFRB another 50kW sender and my best catch. My receivers a Grundig Satellit 800 and Tescun PL880. Stations are clearly audible on the Grundig and using a loop frame antennae to pull them in better to identify. 

Last Train to Hilversum- A Journey In Search of the Magic of Radio by Charlie Connelly - this is an informal history of mainly British radio in the style of Bill Bryson with many a true anecdote. Bloomsbury 336pp £20

sasradiogroup February meet - Another small meeting but one with different people. I managed to attend and some like Jeremy had the lurgi.

  • January 2019
Caroline North - via Manx Radio on 1368. On Sunday night the station announced it was on Full power after remedial mast work and re-guying. With a reception report from Iceland. 

sasradiogroup January meet - A small meeting not unexpected after the Christmas / New Year break. Not helped by the fact that I couldn't attend and one of our number had the audacity to be presenting a radio programme at the time! Reminiscing of early Radio Free London broadcasts in South London.from Palace View - where one of our number was on-site. This was near Ronnie Corbett's house.
  • December 2018

OEM Issue 194 - has landed.  The Return of Caroline in 1972 part 3,  Interview with Bill Scadden part 2, Radio Syd Story part 8 as (a lot of detail here from this previously unpublished history), Government Files re the Mi Amigo drifting, Roger Day interview part 2, OEM News and various obituaries.. 

Europe AM- the last AM transmitters in Belgium on 621 and 1125 kHz left the air on 31st December. In Holland Good Niews Radio also closed down on 1008 kHz and currently has a message inviting listeners to re-tune to Cable and DAB+ etc.

Radio Caroline North - the next broadcast is on the weekend of 15th/16th December via Manx Radio on 1368 kHz to NW England and beyond and also relayed on 648 kHz to North essex and Suffolk.

Tune Into Yesterday - Issue 85 Christmas 2018 dropped through the letterbox today 11th December. With a guide to all the surviving episodes of the Clitheroe Kid, Recollections and Reflections by Lord Reith (from 1931),Radio Free Europe 1961 and various contemporary newspaper cuttings.Issue 85 Supplement includes 'Broadcast Brevities BBC August 1925 to April 1937 and Recording Radio News programmes July 1936 to July 1944.

sasradiogroup December meet - A smaller but a reasonably attended meet this month. Various news including Angel Radio now on the London DAB mini-mux in DAB+. However, the quality of audio was described as peculiar. Angel Radio is a former land based pirate from Portsmouth broadcasting to the older community. Angel used to be a pirate on FM locally and the 48 metre band.

Also talked about AM and SW pirates plus Caroline 648 and Quasar - the Album station. and distributed Issue 110 of SAS Interference on AM and SW pirate radio

It was decided that we would move our next meeting from the first to the second Tuesday in January so that it will be held on the 8th. All other months from February onwardsthe meetings wills till run on the first Tuesday.
  • November 2018
Radio Listeners Guide - the 2019 edition is now available as are also the Television Views Guide and Mobile Phone User's Guide. Radio Listeners Guide

MV Ross Revenge - a picture by Stacey Belbin was 'highly recommended' in the National Historic ships UK 2018 photo competition.

Britain By Boat - if you miss the Thames estuary then catch up with Britain by Boat as Michael Buerk and John Simpson sail across in a 1930s yacht 'Bonaventure' in Episode 1.

Radio 'Shed'- I commented a while ago on a free radio forum about Deke Duncan and Radio 77 from his shed in Stevenage. This was broadcast on Nationwide way back in 1974. THis was a professional outfit but only appeared to broadcast to his house. He's been in the news this week as BBC Three Counties Radio tracked him down to his new home in Sotckport where he broadcasts via Bluetooth to a 100 yard radius. You can see the original NW footage here, Radio 77

Radio 3 - yes a bit off beat I know. On Wednesday 24th October BBC Radio Wales took over some Radio 3 FM channels to bring availability into line with other national / network stations in Wales. The result? Listeners in pats of Shropshire and Cheshire need to retune or go onto DAB. One listeners complaints getting into the Radio Times 10th to 16th November. So as usual the BBC discriminate against English listeners. Why not tell Radio Wales listeners to tune into DAB? Ironically the Beeb's own engineers tell Radio 3 listeners to to in FM reception for better reception. 

sasradiogroup - Jeremy provides an update re the November meet as I took a late decision not to attend. A very well attended meeting. Topics under discussion Radio Caroline 648's signal and sound quality, SUSY Radio updates, advertising on Quasar and Radio Seagull's departure from 1602 (although this may now have come back with just 100 watts) and Radio Jackie coverage area (I tune in on the way to work to Neil Long and Nikki). Plus other odds and ends 
  • October 2018
COMING SOON! website - across the summer and autumn we have been working on a new look site which is designed be best viewed across all your devices computer, laptop, tablet and your mobile. 

Radio Seagull - bad news received today on the 24th via various websites and Facebook. The foundation which owns the license has surrendered it back to the Dutch Radio Communications Agency. Broadcasts will cease on 31st October on 1602 kHz and DAB+. 

Radio Nord Revival - Hans Knot has pointed us to the latest revival from October 26th to October 27th. With transmitters located at the Waxholm Fortress Museum and some broadcasts from the ship Constantia. Broadcasts will be on Shot wave 5995 kHz alternating with 6035 kHz with an output of 500 watts. Locally to be heard on 91.8 MHz FM with 60 watts. Test transmissions can be heard beforehand. On the 27th a number of Radio Nord Veterans will vist and be heard on-air.

Tune Into Yesterday - Issue 86 Autumn 2018 has landed, with various articles and a Supplement on articles from the pages of radio history 1931 to 1936. This will keep another  of our members happy at the meet!

sasradiogroup - A rather small meet this month (even I couldn't attend). If I did I would have said shortwave shows signs of a bit more life on 49 metres and also noting activity from 1612 up to 1699 kHz. weekday and weekend evenings are eventful and a lot of activity noted as the evenings get longer. on the 29th I also picked up a Serbian pirate on 1699 kHz.I aim to attend the November meet.

International Radio Report - The October / November edition of the famous International Radio Report from Hans Knot now available. Link Hans Knot.  Hans is still having some computer problems so if you are having difficulties please use the link provided to get there. 
  • September 2018

Radio Caroline North - the big news from this broadcast is that Caroline North broadcasts will continue throughout 2019 on 1368 kHz via Manx Radio and also on 648 kHz for Suffolk/ NE Essex and beyond! Also the old Caroline Overdrive studio at the stern of the ship has been reinvigorated as Studio No 3. This was showcased on the last hour of the September caroline North broadcast.

Robin Adcroft / Robin Banks - news has reached us via Hans Knot that Robin passed away on 16th September from kidney cancer. Robin had a varied broadcasting career firstly on land based pirates including Radio Free London before joining Radio Caroline in January 1973. Robin wended up on the other side of the mike. That August 1973 he moved to the MV Mebo II Radio Northsea International working under the alias Robin Banks and stayed until its forced closedown the following year. His next task was refitting the ship for the planned Radio Nova International.

When this failed to materialise he worked with Spangles Muldoon in his electronics firm, with Robb Eden in Dutch clubs and as an engineer for Rank Xerox. He then shipped out to the Voice of Peace, before returning to the Mebo II, in 1977. He worked a lot in Ireland for various pirates before his last offshore radio sojourn at Laser 730 tests. Robin was a key player inthe campaign to preserve Red Sands fort, Project Redsand. 

OEM Issue 193 - has landed.  The Return of Caroline in 1972 part 2,  Interview with Bill Scadden part 1, Radio Syd Story part 7 as the Cheetah battles winter storms and ice floes (a lot of detail here from this previously unpublished history), Government Files re the Mi Amigo drifting, Roger Day interview part 1, OEM News and various obituaries including Ben Toney and Larry Dean.

The Baron of Norfolk - Following up from our report from April 2017 we can report that Dr Peter Brueggemann who spent £70,000 building a replica Fokker Driedecker Dr20171 fighter from World War One. has now received his CofA (Certificate of airworthiness). The 'plane made it's first flight on 7th September.. Peter who is a German GP living in Norfolk has painted his plane bright red to emulate his hero ace Manfred von Ritchofen aka The Red Barron. He bought the title Baron from the micronation of Sealand.

Sandbanks - Further to our July 2018 report it is understood that the locals are appointing solicitors to assist in blocking the redevelopment of the Haven Hotel at Sandbanks in Poole Harbour. Early radio experiments were conducted by Guglielmo Marconi from the buildings lounge. In the 1890s Marconi successfully sent a radio signal from the hotel to France. The Hotel carries a blue plaque commemorating the event.

sasradiogroup - a well attended meet. Lots of discussions re Radio Caroline, SUSY Radio - current and future developments (can't report the later!), 6070 kHz 49 metre band and pirates on SW. Centreforce 883 on D&B (former FM land -based drum 'n' base station. Also Chris Evans leaving Radio 2 at the end of the year to go to Virgin Radio on DAB. From 9 million to 450,000 listeners. A lot of debate as to the true reasons why. He has shown a lot of interest in re-starting his TV career and I wonder if his new contract will let him do this. So watch out for a revival of Don't Forget Your Toothbrush.

  • August 2018

Radio Caroline Southampton Support Group - Our colleagues tell us that the next meet takes place on Wednesday 12th September from 7pm at the Netley Victoria Club, Netley near Southampton SO31 5DG. Special guests will be coming along to meet you and the Caroline merchandise stall will be there, you could even win a prize from the stall. There is a bar and everyone are welcome to join for a £5 donation which includes a buffet. All proceeds will go towards the cost of work on board our Radio Ship, The Ross Revenge.

USGC Courier - If you are in the US then there is a USCGC Courier exhibit will be viewed at the Voice Of America's museum’s new main exhibit hall at its third annual fundraiser, “Rock the Radio” dinner-and-dance party on Saturday, Sept. 22 from 6 to 11 p.m. at the VOA museum at 8070 Tylersville Road, West Chester Township OH45069 USA. It is only open on Saturday and Sunday afternoon's from 1-4pm.

International Radio Report - The second Summer (August/September) edition International Radio Report from Hans Knot now available from Hans Knot.  Hans is still having problems with sending electronic copies of the newsletter so please use the link provided to get there. 

Maud- The BBC website carried today (9th August) an article re Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen. It was Amundsen who beat Britain's Captain Robert Scott to the South Pole in 1911, becoming the first man to reach it. But his later attempt for the North Pole led to his ship the Maud, his ship for that trip spending years locked in Arctic ice. When Amundsen hit financial difficulties, he sold it her. It became a floating warehouse and radio station under its new owners - before sinking off Canada in the 1930s. Raised from its watery grave in 2016, it has now been towed across the Atlantic to its Norwegian home - 100 years after it left.

Radio Caroline 1975-1980 Re-union - Jeremy very kindly provided a link to various photographs at this event from June Caroline Re-union

sasradiogroup - after July's very small meet a much better attended meet for August. a bit about Caroline and Am and listening into a good signal from Radio North 846 kHz in the car park after 11pm! We all think they upped power a while back.
  • July 2018

Flypast Magazine December 2017 - following-up on my January post re the small article on Page 7 where a Short Sunderland was moved under cover at the Museum of Transport and technology in Auckland, New Zealand. I thought this could be of interest to us if you have Adrian Blackburn's book The Shoestring Pirates. There is a photo in there of a Sunderland or a Short Solent flying over the Hauraki ship. Sometimes it was used to tender the vessel! The museum has two aircraft Short Sunderland NZ4115 and Short Solent ZK-AMO Aruni. I can confirm that the Short Solent came from New Zealand from a private owner. More news to come...

Rinse 106.8 / Flex FM 101.4 - I spoke with part of JET on 28th and neither could pick up Rinse. That said on the Sunday I did pick them up. Signal strength in our local area is some what down on that earlier in the year. According to Digital Spy the original site at Maydew House, Bermondsey had to be shut down as it is being refurbished. This forced a move to a site of City Road which as we all know proved useless.

Adrian Cronauer - I know we're off-beat again but this US Forces DJ who inspired the film Good Morning Vietnam passed away on July 18th. In 1963 he was posted to Heraklion, Crete and his early morning greeting was "Good Morning Heraklion" which gradually changed to Goooood Moooorning Heraklion". later when transferred to Vietnam this became  "Goooood Moooorning Vietnam".  The phrase being used as he would often be late and still trying to queue up his first record! He had a varied broadcasting career and with Ben Moses, another Vietnam veteran, They both tried to pitch a TV series based in Vienam in 1979 but this was turned down.Eventually becoming a film in 1987. The films story was mostly Cronauers although there is some artistic license. He was no comedian but tried to inject some humour as well as rock 'n' roll into his broadcasts. The film made him a celebrity although Robin Williams portrayal in reality owes little to his real self. Adrian being a lot calmer on-air.Very good obits in The Daily Telegraph on the 24th and today 25th in the Times.

Sandbanks - Following up on our May 2017 report nearly 3,000 objections have been made against the proposal to demolish the Haven Hotel at Sandbanks in Poole Harbour. Protect Sandbanks describe the plans which replace the Art Deco hotel with "faceless, mass development". i.e. three blocks of flats. They also state it will "have a devastating impact on an area of outstanding natural beauty". The  hotel was originally built in 1880 and re-built in 1927 with a steel frame in the art-deco style. It has been saved from demolition before in 1976 and refurbished adding some 50 years of life.. For us radio fan objections surround the historic nature of the site. Early radio experiments were conducted by Guglielmo Marconi from the buildings lounge. In the 1890s Marconi successfully sent a radio signal from the hotel to France. The Hotel carries a blue plaque commemorating the event.

1602 kHz - the daytime hours are now covered by Cyber Gold with Radio Seagull overnights.

Rinse 106.8 / Flex FM 101.4 - JET advised us that Flex started legal transmissions on 1st July and that after initial tests that reception had improved in Hounslow. Meanwhile we are both struggling to find out why Rinse is still off-air on 106.8 MHz after some 6/7 weeks...

Radio Caroline 648 - we have three reasons why they might be down in strength, summertime ground conductivity (although this is Orfordness), Caroline told to put the power down (we think this unlikely since Ofcom should have inspected the site last year) and Caroline turning it down to save money. Although if they are only running 1kW then the reduction in electricity costs against other fixed costs I don't think this is likely. Let's see if the field strength goes up in a hopefully wetter autumn,

sasradiogroup -after last June's high a very low attendance meet in July. I think that I should have highlighted this to anyone who didn't attend the June meeting. we knew in advance that a lot of us were on holiday, one was working and another recuperating from an operation. We'll do some 'lessons learned' from this and all will be revealed at the August meet.
I've not been given an update as to discussions but if you tune into SUSY Radio over the last couple of months you'll hear quite a lot of new adverts.

  • June 2018
Radio Seagull / KBC - news reached us that the Jenni Baynton is due to move offshore for two weeks in August. meanwhile we have hot reports that KBC will cease transmissions on 1602 kHz from 1st July. More info to come...

Rinse 106.8 / Flex FM 101.4 - JET advised that Flex as of 20th June are testing on 101.4. However as one former pirate becomes legit on London's FM airwaves JET points out (and I can confirm this) that Rinse has been off-air on 106.8 for a few weeks.

OEM Issue 192 - landed at the weekend 23rd June. Sadly various obituaries and tributes to Ad Roberts and Graham Gill amongst others various obituaries,The Return of Caroline in 1972, (with much contemporary information), Interview with Bill Scadden part 2, Radio Syd Story part 6 autumn / winter 1962/1963 (previously unpublished), Government files (The MV Magda Maria 1962 off the Essex coast. A fascinating insight,

Paul Harris - The Daily Telegraph carried a near half-page obituary to the writer and publisher on 13th June. Known to offshore radio fans as the author of When Pirates Ruled the Waves, To be a Pirate King and Broadcasting from the High Seas. A part founder of Capital Radio (1970 from the MV Kind David). He had a varied career caliming to have beena spy for MI6, a writer for the Arts and publishing consultant as well as having run his own company Paul Harris Publishing from 1968 to 1985.He broadened his writing andhaving been in Yugoslavia when war broke out became a war correspondent and analyst by default. 

International Radio Report - The first Summer (June / July) edition International Radio Report from Hans Knot now available from Hans Knot. This is more than a newsletter it is the offshore radio community communicating together.

sasradiogroup - An excellent high attendance June meet. Main topics of news:  Shortwave Relay Service,  Focus, Radio Caroline (down in strength we note), development at Quasar - the Album Station, Cyber Rock / Cyber Hot Hits on Surrey multiplex. Finally the Radio Caroline 1976 - 1980 crew re-union in London next month. It is at a secret location. They wouldn't even tell me!
  • May 2018
Radio Seagull- in true offshore style off-air due to the severe weather affecting the aerial at the land-based transmitter site yesterday (30th May) Expected back in the next day or two

Abandoned Engineering - this is a Series 3 starts exclusively on Yesterday on 8th May. Of real interest to Offshore Radio fans is Episode Four "Britain's Sea For Complex"  Seven huge steel boxes stand rusting in the Thames Estuary. Hear how the Red Sans Fort was once Britian's first line of defence against the Nazi's. Scheduled for transmission at 8pm on Tuesday July 15thj.
yesterday is available on Freeview Ch 19, Freesat Ch 159, Sky Ch 155 , Virgin 245. Also see UKTV Play

No Mans Land Fort Geograph 1263735 87977ef9.jpgSolent Forts for Sale - following on from the above The Daily Telegraph reported in the paper on 6th May that Spitbank Fort, No Man's Forts (both luxury hotels) and Horse Sand Fort (being turned into a museum) are for sale A more extensive article is available via their website,  Solent Forts For Sale

Photo from Wikipedia and reproduced under Wikipedia's rules (picture is unaccredited)

International Radio Report - The May edition of the International Radio Report from Hans Knot now available from Hans Knot including a tribute to Graham Gill, and extract from a new book by Clive Warner "Adventures in the Luminiferous Aether" Clive was the other well known transmitter engineer ion the 1975 period ISBN 978-0-9790836-3-1. Available via Kindle and print soon via Amazon, lots of news from readers worldwide.

Of interest are the usual links this including FCC US pirates. If you look at the map the FCC show are some 1500 pirates in the US (we can't even see the West Coast). 

Having been on a trip down the River Thames I thought I would put a shot I took on the website of the iconic studios and towerblock of the old London Weekend Television. Now itv studios. In February ITV announced that the site would be redeveloped so this view will soon disappear.

Message Boards - We're all familiar with the Pirate / Free Radio message board by Gary Stevens Pirate Radio Legend Gary Stevens.
Odd things seem to be happening and the site was closed down on the 15th of April. But, tonight 17th April it is back.

In the meantime there is an all new message board just created The Free Radio Forum FreeRadioForum And before you ask. No it isn't sasradiogroup running it.

Once again catching up with items as we're not quite back onto normal service

Graham Gill - sadly Hans Knot advised that Graham Gill passed away yesterday 9th April aged 81. Graham had a varied offshore radio career with the Radio 390, Radio London, Britain Radio / 355 in the 1960s and RNI and Radio Caroline  in the 70s. After the dutch MOA he joined the international broadcaster Radio Nederlands Worldwide. 

OEM Issue 191 - hit the doormat last week! Out now with a tribute to Peter Van Dam and various obituaries, The Days before The Return of Caroline in 1972, (which fits neatly from our last issue of Interference), Interview with Bill Scadden part 1, Radio Syd Story part 5 as they continue after the 1962 MOA(previously unpublished), Government files and TV From No man's Land - a 1959 plan to transmit TV from two planes to Sweden and Denmark.

United DJs - much discussed on various forums The Times carried a major article on Saturday April 7th. The station is broadcasting from an industrial estate outside Maidenhead. Founded by ex Caroline North and Radio Luxembourg DJ Tony Prince. "We're kind of a brotherhood. All the DJs of the past meet regularly to chinwag, and we were talking about how bad the scene had got for radio." The station has 12 ex Luxembourg veterans plus nine each from Capital and Radio One. This includes many other ex offshore DJs like DLT, Emperor Rosko and Bob Lawrence. The station is currently internet only don't dismiss applying for a DAB license. To hear more United DJs

International Radio Report - The April edition International Radio Report from Hans Knot now available from Hans Knot

sasradiogroup -  we had the same number of people as last month except half of those didn't attend in March. You do the math. Lots of talk about Caroline over Easter, Caroline on DAB in London (from 1st April and NOT an April fool) , Quasar - the Album Station etc. etc.

  • March 2018
27th March -Time to catch-up on some more news as I've had some very serious matters to attend to:

Radio Caroline North - swings into action again this weekend across 31st March into 1st April. Via Manx Radio on 1368 kHz in the North West of England and 648 kHz in the South East.
A great way to celebrate Caroline's 54th birthday with live shows from the Ross and the great atmosphere and music that goes with it!

Love Sport 558 kHz - Charlie Wolf is back on Five Five Eight as a contributor to the new London station.

Tune Into Yesterday - Issue 83 Spring 2018 hit the doormat last week.  News from The Archives, Supplement 1 Broadcasters on war Dept ETO Tour 1945, Supplement 2 From the Pages of  Radio History. A fascinating insight into broadcasting during the 1930s and 1940s. To obtain an issue see ORCA on our Other Groups page.

Daily Telegraph – 17th March carried details of a leaked speech by BBC Director of Radio Bob Shennan. In essence he stated that the future of radio in the UK needs to be a mixture of DAB, FM and internet, rather than just DAB. He says: “We all once thought that DAB was the only digital future of radio, but audiences want choice. We now know DAB is important, but only a part of the story, along with FM and the internet. We need to do more before we consider a switchover in the UK, and for that to be genuinely audience-led. For now, we believe audiences are best served by a mixed economy. Radio is also better served by a mixed economy. This is Bob trying to put on a positive spin at DABs failure to hit its listening target. We've been banging about this for over ten yeears and at long last the BBC gets the point that a lot of the audience are either satisfied with the choice on FM or the fact that the internet offers genuine choice as to the type of music the listener wants and not dire4cted by the Beebs urban trendies.

Love Sport 558kHz - at our meet we discussed the soft launch of this station. Can't say that we were immediately impressed but, we'll wait and see how the new operator on the channel fayres.

Radio Caroline - thoroughly enjoyed Roger Days show on the 3rd March. It got much positive response and can't wait for the next Caroline North.

International Radio Report - The March edition International Radio Report from Hans Knot now available from Hans Knot
Hans has told us that he has had issues with the e-mail version of his newsletter as he changed provider. So if you are having issues please go direct to his website. Or use our link above. Lots of memories and news including United DJs Radio also touched upon at our meet.

sasradiogroup -  warming up in the pub to get away from the Beast from the East. More Caroline chat, Radio Jackie old and new (the current format with a lot of 70s and 80s material is particularly liked despite the fact that management claim no change! We've put some photos of some of us on our Meetings page. SW pirates particularly from Holland. 
  • February 2018
sasradiogroup - a very good number of us defied the cold and enjoyed an evening in a snug and warm pub. Much to talk about: The return of Caroline to AM. Discussions around the audio quality and the programming. Introduced the first Interference newsletter of 2018 and discovered that we were mostly on the same wavelength re how Caroline sounds. 
AM DX - with the BBC shutting down local transmitters in Surrey, Sussex and Kent what we can now hear. We heard a pirate station on 1368 on Sunday 4th February.  Also try KBC from Holland on 1602 kHz before sunset Seagull in the evening. Good signals currently heard from Manx Radio on 1368 kHz. Very much a local station in the old style but great audio quality. It will be interesting to compare this months Caroline North broadcast on 1368 and 648 kHz.
The sad news of Tom Taylor's death and personal reminiscences of Tom.

Tom Taylor - JET contacted me today having had an e-mail via a contact from Peter Verbruggen at the Free Radio Service Holland.
"With great sadness we report the death of European Music Radio's founder and short wave legend Tom Taylor, to many also known as Barry Stephens.
For many dedicated SW free radio enthusiasts, E.M.R. was thé station in the late 1970s and 1980. As from 1980 onwards E.M.R. and FRS became sister stations. 
Within a few days a Memorial with some personal memories will be put on the FRS site. We will inform you via mail when it will be on-line.
All of us at FRS are shocked by Tom's death. He indeed was a short wave legend. May he rest in peace

Jim spoke with Tom last November and that was when he found out that he had cancer and that he was stopping EMR. The aim was for this to be short-term pending treatment but, sadly this was unsuccessful. Jim says that he was a really nice guy and RIP Tom. I couldn't agree more. 

The February edition International Radio Report from Hans Knot now available Hans Knot
  • January 2018
We've had an enforced break as like Radio Caroline our land-line was cut and I'm not fiddling round doing this on a telephone!

World Music Radio - this is the original version which broadcast from Holland in the early 70s, via Andorra in the late 80s and in the noughties did a series of test Broadcasts from Denmark. The station has returned on low power on 5805 kHz with 100 watts (400w PEP) with further tests and Identifications from Copenhagen. 927 kHz and 15805 kHz will start soon according to the website.

Only Connect - this excellent quiz show has moved back to Monday nights at 8pm on BBC2. On the first show in January various names appeared on their wall round. where you have 16 names and have to sort them into four groups to get a maximum of 10 points. a few names leapt out Caroline, Jackie, 270 and London. The answer? names of pirate radio stations. It wasn't that easy as there was also names of various girls magazines of the 60s and 70s so Jackie could have confused many. Indeed the team failed on this round but us seasoned Anorak's didn't.

Flypast Magazine December 2017 - still catching up on events there is a small article on Page 7 where a Short Sunderland was moved under cover at the Museum of Transport and technology in Auckland, New Zealand. This maybe of interest to us as if you have Adrian Blackburn's book The Shoestring Pirates. As there is a photo in there of a Sunderland or a Short Solent flying over the Hauraki ship. Sometimes it was used to tender the vessel! The museum has two aircraft Short Sunderland NZ4115 and Short Solent ZK-AMO Aruni. SoI'll do some digging around on this one and report back.

sasradiogroup - numbers can be a bit low in January but we had a good meet with our best numbers for a couple of months. Discussions in brief:
162 kHz. The former France Inter transmitter broadcasts a time signal. it was also off-air on Christmas day returning on the 26th with low power but this was boosted to normal levels by 11am.
Radio Caroline -  a lot of discussion about the format, the audio quality which is worse than Capital on 1548. It is very flat  and at times very over compressed. Also note the fluctuating power level!
Plus a lot of discussion of Radio Jackie's current format. A lot of 1970s and 1980s tracks and also 1970s transmission sites.