Pirate Radio Now

Since 1998 the SAS have conducted twice yearly or annual audits across the London and South East FM bandscape in conjunction with our partners JET. Down in Surrey this normally is the result of a 10-12 week period of loggings and obtaining information aired by pirate broadcasters. This is incorporated with similar information obtained at intervals across the year. As well as using home locale this is often backed-up by monitoring trips to places such as Epsom, Biggin Hill and further afield on occassion.

All of this is correllated with similar information provided on an on-going basis by JET from West London. JET are a long standing 'group' whose involvement in the pirate radio scene ceased in the mid 80s and who were involved in various well known privateers since the early to mid 70s. At times we have also utilised London Pirate Radto Frequencies, Transmission Zero and Digitalspy for alternate verification purposes when only only one party has obtained loggings.

This is only the start, both the SAS and JET have contacts within the legitimate broadcast industry - which is often affected by radio interference problems and other issues, which gives valuable input into our editorials. We also incorporate stories picked up from national and local media (Press and Broadcast) and from contacts inthe music industry to provide more background. Input is always welcomed from SAS members whether this is from monitoring or information gleaned from their local media or other sources. Lastly, we provide analysis of pirate radio activity and the authorities reaction to it. Our aim is to provide a neutral platform and provide objective reporting.

These days other commitments make it difficult to do six monthly listings but, we try and report every twelve months. On occasion we have carried special issues for example, an analysis of Ofcom Raids or looking into the legal background with prosecution statistics and legal case reviews.

In 2010 sasradiogroup in conjunction with our partners JET carried out an extensive audit of FM activity across London and the south-east of England. Following a recent meeting it has been agreed that we will publish some past data for historical and research purposes. The 2010 London audit is now attached plus those for East Anglia / North Kent and finally the South Coast. In 2012 we have added an SAS 2008 audit across the Midlands, Yorkshire and Liverpool. Please note these are stripped down listings and not the full review and editorial which is only available to members or contributors only. In time audits for the years 2005 and 2000 will appear.

Shortwave - we have created a new page for European private and pirate short-wave broadcasters.