Caroline 1985 Part 1

Join us in 1985 as SB takes us on a summer trip to 'The Lady' in the Knock Deep. SB has some really excellent photographs which he wishes all of us to enjoy and go back nearly 30 years to the days of transmissions on 576 and 963 kHz. 

"I'm pleased that they will be seen by a number of people now. It seems silly to "squirrel away" when I know they will be appreciated. We visited in the summer some-time - I returned to work with a very red face which was commented on (all that reflection of the sun from the sea?). I heard about the trips by listening to "ads" on South East Sound (Ed: an AM rock music pirate from South London) and then contacted John Burch, the great organiser! Everybody on board was so nice - it was a wonderful day, especially with a calm sea. We also passed by the Communicator, but could not go on board.

MV Ross Revenge in 1985 with  300' mast

Stern deck and LA logo. The boat in the background was used to take our intrepid buccaneers out to the ship. Fortunately a five year moratorium applied at the time that these photos were taken. In fact visiting the ship was not an offence in the 1967 Marine Offences Act despite what the authorities implied.

Better, happier days on a calm North Sea

Base of the aerial and giant insulator to take the high power AM transmissions

Peter Chicago and Raffles