RNI 1970

An RNI 'Jacky Nordsee' QSL - as multi-coloured as the ship herself

The Mebo II anchored off Calacton-on-Sea in 1970

Pictures taken of RNI Radio Northsea International in 1970. SB has donated some personal previously unpublished photographs of the Mebo 2 anchored off Clacton-on-Sea. Notice the double stack FM dipole on the front mast. RNI initially used a slanted dipole for the first VHF transmissions off Holland and found the results most unsatisfactory. This was replaced by the above arrangement which was far more effective. According to UK government monitoring the FM signal could be well received up to 30 miles inland in East Anglia on a good portable radio.

A very dull day on the Northsea brightened up by a "floating Brolac paint explosion" A quote from the late, great Tony Allen.

A classic shot of the Mebo 2 off the English coast

A fairly freshly painted ship and a close-up shot of the anchor.

DJs and crew greeting the fans from the port side of the ship