2013 News Archive

  • December 2013

Publications - Offshore Echos No. 174 with interview Walter Simmons, GBOK/GBLN 1961/1962, Interview Carolyn Irvine, Radio Mercur story continued (unpublished), MV Mi Amigo November 1975 and copy of Newscaster April/May 1972. Eds Comments: Chris Edwards and his team continue to come up with fascinating and unpublished insights into offshore radio history. Well worth a new year subscription! Other Radio Groups

Publications - Xmas International Radio Report. Another excellent read. Thanks to Hans Knot for providing a monthly informative newsletter. Visit and see! http://susyradio.com

Publications - Tune Into Yesterday Pre-festive season reading fell through the letterbox today. Issue 70 features 'Disc Recordings of Sir Winston Churchill' plus a selction of re-printed articles concerning conservation of audio recordings plus Issue 70 supplement 'News from the Archives'. Other Radio Groups

Surrey DAB – 12.09.12 three new DAB digital radio transmitters at Guildford, Reigate and Crystal Palace were officially switched on by Sir Paul Beresford MP for Mole Valley. The multiplexes run by Muxco initially add just four local stations - BBC Surrey and 96.4 Eagle Radio, alongside new stationseagle3 and Redstone. Redstone launched at 7am on the 16th opened by Roger Day. Ed: This brings DAB population coverage of the UK to only 72%. Whilst 55% of Surrey homes have a DAB receiver over two thirds of radio listening is still analogue FM/AM. According to RAJARs 2013 Q3 figures just 23% of people listened into DAB radio across the UK and a total of 35.6% against all digital platforms (online, via digital TV Freeview or satellite). It is estimated that over 95% of UK car radios are analogue.

Freeview - 09.12.13 confirm that six additional HD channels will be available to viewers from 10 December 2013, taking their total HD offering to ten channels depending on where you live. At launch, BBC Three HD and CBBC HD will be available to 98.5% of UK homes. Coverage from Al Jazeera English HD, BBC News HD, BBC Four HD and CBeebies HD will extend to cover 70% of UK homes by the Wimbledon Championships in June 2014.

  • November 2013

sasradiogroup - next meet Tuesday 3rd December along with the latest newsletter 1W@531 kHz MW Station System (Susy Radio 531) written by John Stockley

Publications - December 2013 International Radio Report published a week earlier than normal by Hans Knot (he's playing 'Sinterklaas' in the run up to December 6th! Visit http://www.hansknot.com/ Ian Godfrey comments on the newsletter about RNI and likes our 1970s shots of the ship thanks to SB. Lots of interesting people write to Hans and the newsletter is always a fascinating read. Go check it out and also the weblinks within!

Eagle Extra 1566 kHz AM - a while ago SB pointed me to this Guildford based station. These days it runs around 6 hours per day local from studios plus, this is one of the two interesting bits, three hours local community shows per week, one hour new local artists and a religious programme. The other is a parallel business running radio broadcast education courses for schools and colleges. Your chance to learn about broadcasting be a DJ or get involved in radio drama and get on-air on Eagle Extra. See http://www.eagleextra.co.uk/

Premier Christian Media - Today 20/11/13 has taken out page length adverts in The Daily Telegraph over an advert banned by The Radio Advertising Clearance Centre which was upheld by the Master of Rolls Court in the Court of Appeal.The advert was to try and get Christians to report their experiences on CCPmagazines.co.uk as surveys had shown 60% felt they were being increasingly marginalised. To see the advert buy the Telegraph today. Would you ban the advert? vote on www.premier.org.uk/freedom

Sunrise Radio - Radio Today / Biz Asia say the Sunrise Radio Group will rebrand Buzz Radio as Sunrise Radio 2 and Kismat Radio as Sunrise Radio from 1st December. Sunrise Radio 1 (Sunrise Radio) will concentrate on latest and adult contemporary hits, with Sunrise Radio 2 format will be youthful hit music and Sunrise Radio 3 for old and regional language music. To save costs all production work will be shifted to India.

UTV - suffered a 7% fall in advertising revenues in the nine months up to end September compared to the previous year. This is largely blamed on a 15% drop in turnover at talkSPORT UK due to good sales when Euro 2012 competition was taking place.

Global Radio - following up on our May story Global has failed in its appeal against the Competition Commission. This will force Global to sell eight stations (Heart, Real, Smooth or Capital branded in either the East Midlands, Cardiff, North Wales, the North-East, South / West Yorkshire, or Central Scotland. Two Manchester stations must be disposed off) following the £70m takeover of GMG's radio stations.

Radio Caroline - PRESS RELEASE It's Radio Caroline's 50th anniversary next year and we're having a big party to celebrate. The Corn Exchange in Rochester, Kent is the venue and the date is Saturday, March 8th 2014. We're planning a whole day and night of events so stay tuned to Radio Caroline or visit our websites for regular updates. In the meantime if you'd like to register your interest and guarantee your tickets with no obligation drop us a line to caroline50@radiocaroline.co.uk

Check out our special 50th anniversary website at www.radiocaroline50.co.uk

SAS Interference - the next issue is all prepared and just needs a printer to run it off. Due to structural damage at our printers we need to find an alternative. So next issue will be Susy 531 Engineering and London FM slips to January next year.

Radio Caroline Southampton Support Group - Tony reports that the next meeting is booked for Wednesday 27th November at the Netley Victoria Club, Netley near Southampton. SO31 5DG starting at 7.30pm. This will be the last meeting before Christmas and an opportunity to buy your Christmas presents from the Caroline Sales stall. You could also win a prize from the sales stall in the raffle.

A small donation of £5 includes a buffet and you also get the opportunity to meet special guests, broadcasters and staff from the station and hear news of the work on board the Ross Revenge.. All proceeds from the evening go towards the restoration work on board the Ross Revenge. There is accommodation in the area and if you need any further details please e-mail rolandbeaney@tiscali.co.uk

MV Norderney - MediaPages.nl reports that on the 17th November that the Norderney will be moved to Amsterdam. The location is to be the NDSM Pier 1. This is a 15 minute ferry ride away from Amsterdam Centraal Station.

  • October 2013

The Boat That Rocked - The Times 30.10.13 Simon de Bruxelles writes how in 2009 Ivor Charles became a film extra playing in the final scene rescuing Radio Rock DJs. He was having a cigarette and was mistaken for an extra. Ivor in in his seventies and also got four of his friends signed up. If you can't get a copy of the paper I'll bring the article in for our meet on 5th November.

Publications - November 2013 International Radio Report to end the month Hans Knot has sent us the latest issue. To get a copy / go on the e-mailing list http://www.hansknot.com/

Arrow Classic Rock - our friends at Arrow have e-mailed us to say they have new mobile applications including Windows Phone. Click the link to Arrow Classic Rock for further details.

Robert Ford - Gerry suggests you check this week's Tuesday 7th October editions of The Times and The Daily Telegraph. An RAF radio technician he worked in India and at the British Mission in Lhassa, Tibet. Then employed by the Tibetan government he built and operated Radio Lhassa. Captured by the Chinese Army in the invasion of 1952 he endured years of brain washing before being released in 1956. The Times obituary is by far the best read about Robert's extraordinary career

http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/opinion/obituaries/article3888160.ece. If you don't want to subscribe try http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/military-obituaries/air-force-obituaries/10359396/Robert-Ford.html

Martin Samuels - contacted us and would like to share his contact with the offshore radio world:

London 1969-1971, I was the drummer in (the original) Heatwave : www.heatwave.n.nu whose agent / manager was John Edward aka Johnny Flux:www.offshoreradio.co.uk/djse2h.htm#edward

2nd November 1970, Larry Page (Kinks & Troggs producer) released a single by Heatwave on his Penny Farthing Records label in England, Germany and Japan ~ both songs were written by John Edward. Thanks to the Internet we have been informed, the B-side is still played in U.K. and Tokyo nightclubs to this day!

London 1971-1972, I was the drummer in Crew : www.crew.n.nu ~ a small part of the Emperoro Rosko Roadshow ... and still in touch with the Emp. today!

Radio Caroline Support Group Southampton - Tony visited the Southampton meet on 23rd September and won the raffle! Around 40 people attended the meeting some we gather from near Horsham. So if you don't want to travel as far in the winter or want to try a monthly meet nearer home please remember our monthly meets at the Toby Inn in Redhill. The RCSG raise monies in support of Caroline so please feel free to attend. For details http://woodleynet.co.uk under Radio Caroline News

Publications - October 2013 International Radio Report by Hans Knot visit http://www.hansknot.com/ and SAS Interference October 2013 UK Commercial Radio Ownership 2001 v 2011/2.

John de Mol Senior - Died died on 27th September after a long illness in his hometown of Laren, aged 81. Jon is very familiar to Offshore Radio fans as he ran the Dutch service of RNI back in the seventies.

Lloyds List - both The Times and The Daily Telegraph report that the print edition is to close and become on-line only. Another piece of history gone. Hope our Lloyds contact is well. Bump into his mother in town sometimes!

Digital Radio - Ofcom advise that despite huge promotion on both BBC and commercial radio and TV network sales of DAB radios remain at 1.9 million pa - the same as 2012. Only one third of radio set sales are DAB. Sales of analogue radios outsell by a ratio of 2:1. 60% of people do not want to buy a DAB radio.

Three Mile Limit film - we have a link to the trailer on page Three Mile Limit Film

  • September 2013

Next Meet - 1st October 2013. See the latest Offshore Echos Magazine and SAS Interference. Be the first to read our comparison of UK commercial radio ownership 2001 v 2011/2. See what the radio industry doesn't want you to know!

Surrey Mirror – Has focused all its previous editions into one paper. Whilst only differing in a couple of pages is part of a major exercise in rationalising and reducing costs for the Surrey Mirror Group. The newspaper has also re-imaged its online presence. This comes a year after the launch of Susy Radio broadcasting across East Surrey and North Sussex. Susy has gained a good following particularly over its daily local news content and coverage of local events.

Ronan O'Rahilly - OEM reports that sadly Ronan is suffering from Vascular Dementia. Around a month ago his family moved him back to Ireland where he is being looked after by close friend / partner Ines. A fund is being organised for his benefit. See OEM website for details www.offshoreechos.com

Publications - Offshore Echos Issue 173 - Goodbye My Friend -MV Mi Amigo 1962-1964 movements, Gordon McLendon, Radio Mercur Story Part 5, Leon Tippler obituary, Colin Dale and Radio Sutch, Newscaster No 8 from 1972.Tune Into Yesterday Issue 69 - Paul Temple, Harrow & Wealdstone Rail Disaster 1952 BBC News script, Tom Mix Radio Programme plus supplement 'News from the Archives'

Radio Caroline - PRESS RELEASE 04.09.13 Closure of satellite service

After much thought and negotiation we regret that we have decided to end our satellite broadcasts on 30th September 2013.

For a long time there have been reception problems that sadly cannot be remedied and this has led to a further decline in our audience on this platform, with those who listen exclusively via satellite falling to a tiny percentage.

Our service provider, whilst not responsible for the reception difficulties, has agreed to release us early from our long-term contract as a goodwill gesture. We have mutually agreed that this course of action is in the best interests of the both of us.

Our first project following closure of the satellite service will be to launch a brand new on-line radio station to be called Caroline Extra. Radio Caroline's existing on-line service will continue unaffected. This new service which will launch before the end of the year. Otherwise we will be pre-occupied preparing and relocating our ship before considering how we may further expand our broadcasting activities.

If this decision affects you directly please contact our advice service. We will do our best to help by suggesting alternative methods you can use to continue listening to Radio Caroline. Please email advice@radiocaroline.co.uk

PRESS RELEASE 04.09.13 Caroline Extra - Real Music Memories and More

Caroline Extra is a brand new service from Radio Caroline which will play music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Many so called 'Gold' stations play only a very small selection but Caroline Extra will be different. We have a huge amount of material from those eras at our disposal and we intend to play the widest possible selection. You'll hear your favourites and you'll hear music that is rarely played. Alongside this great variety of tracks you'll also have another chance to hear some of our specialised programming. Dell Richardson's Good Rockin' Tonight, The Elvis Hour, 60s and 70s Request Show, Americana Roots Show and Stafford's World will all be heard on Caroline Extra.

David Jacobs - Broadcaster and presenter David Jacobs, has died aged 87. In a statement the BBC said that Jacobs, who stepped down from his Radio 2 show last month due to ill health, died at home surrounded by his family. David's broadcasting career started at Radio SEAC in 1944 and he joined the BBC the following year as an announcer and newsreader. In the 1950s he played 22 characters and as introduced all 53 episodes of radio sci-fi serial Journey Into Space. As well as being a Disc Jockey he made the progression to TV presenting Top of the Pops, Eurovision Song Contest, and Come Dancing. In the 90s be came Company Chairman of Thames Radio and remained in this position when the station was taken over and became the legal Radio Jackie. Ed: I had the pleasure of talking to David at Radio Jackie's launch. He was very sincere and suave who would take the time to talk to more ordinary people like myself. Radio Jackie goes Legal

Sunrise Radio - Following up on our earlier story Radio Today/BizAsia reports The Royal Court of Justice has given Sunrise Radio Ltd 42 days to settle HMRC’s payment of over £400,000. Chairman Avtar Lit, who did not attend the two minute hearing, was represented by his barrister. Lit has until Monday 14th October to make the outstanding payment. If he fails to submit the outstanding money before the date give, the court will force the stations off air including Sunrise Radio, Kismat Radio and Buzz Radio.A wound-up company cannot legally hold an Ofcom licence to broadcast.

  • August 2013

Surrey Anorak's Society - 1. Next meet Tuesday 3rd September 2013. 2. The current work in progress newsletter involves a lot of background work (Analysis: Commercial Radio Ownership 2001 v 2011/2012) and publication may be delayed until October to allow for completion.

Sunrise Radio Ltd - 28.08.13 the former pirate station is subject to media speculation (BBC News & Radio Today) as HM Revenue & Customs have issued a petition to wind up the station. A court hearing is scheduled for next Monday. Sunrise Radio Ltd also is the owner of Buzz Radio, Kismat Radio and Punjabi Radio. Sunrise recently sold its share in Radio Plymouth. The company also owns London Media Company Ltd, which runs Time 107.5 and Time 106.6, and has a share in Palm 105.5. Ed: anyone attending August's meet would have heard of speculation surrounding Time 106.6 and the group. JET has some wonderful stories to tell of Avtar Litt which we can't publish or tell at our meetings!

September 2013 International Radio Report by Hans Knot just released." For news and echoes of the past visit http://www.hansknot.com/

Publications - SAS Interference Issue 90 - Review of 'An Evening with Roger Day'. This can be found also on Roger Day's website. www.rogerday.co.uk

sasradiogroup.org - we have a working e-mail address at webmastersasradio@yahoo.com

Radio Jackie - Radio Jackie's Nicola Hume who presents a weekly show on the station is joining Heart Sussex and Surrey for breakfast with Tom and Jack. She replaces Lynsey Bartlett who is returning to be a full-time mum. Graham comments This may not be a good career move as many former Mercury FM (predecessor to Heart) breakfast presenters found that their next move was outside the industry and becoming for example entertainers on cruise ships or moving into insurance to give you two examples. .

Shirley Casley - The Times carried an obituary to Shirley (HRH Princess Shirley of Hutt) on 1st August. If you were a former Media Network listener then you might remember the "Hutt River Province". Her husband Len Casley declared independence from Australia in 1969 and there modest success led to 20 similar micronations across Australia.

  • July 2013

Wilfred Proudfoot - The Daily Telegraph carried an obituary today 23.07.13 to this supermarket pioneer and former Conservative MP. The article also relates to him being the MD of Radio 270 (Ellambar Investments Ltd) and his attempts to carry cross party political programming. Closing down on August 14th 1967 he claimed that in another year they would have made a profit. The Telegraph omitting the fact that Radio Caroline almost took over the ship in 1968 and that all the ship's broadcast equipment (and some of the land based stuff too) was sold to the 1970 offshore station Capital Radio. The Times obituary appeared today 25.07.13

David Jacobs – 22.07.13 The 87 year old broadcasting veteran David has announced that for health reasons that he is leaving his Sunday radio programme. The final edition will be aired in August. In tribute Radio 2 controller Bob Shennan said: "It's a word that is overused, but David Jacobs is truly a unique broadcaster". David is still hoping to record special programmes. Ed: David is a man of many talents. Many won’t know this but David was the Company Chairman of Radio Jackie in southwest London on its launch in 2003. Having previously been Chair of Thames Radio.Radio Jackie goes Legal

Shortwave Rock - first transmission noted on Sunday 21st July on 6045 kHz. Look at our updated Short-wave & AM section.

SUSY RADIO celebrates their first anniversary this coming weekend. Watch out for specials on the 14th of July and Monday 15th is the official day.

MV Norderney - vessel now has replica masts see http://www.facebook.com/norderney.veronicaschip

July/August 2013 International Radio Report by Hans Knot just released. Two month issue so that Hans can get a suntan as Keith Skues would say "on both his right and left kneecaps" Visit http://www.hansknot.com/

Spend An Evening With Roger ‘Twiggy’ Day! - tickets still available for 27th July - details below in June's news. Tickets £15 from the Sinden Theatre or call the Box Office direct on 01580 764 222. More details about the evening during "Roger Day International" every evening from 7pm www.rogerday.co.uk

Red Sands Radio – 29th June for a seventh year serving the Thames Estuary basin and North Kent Coastal Towns. Sandi Toksvig officially launched bring Red Sands Radio to air at 9am. Frequency 87.9 FM and on-line at www.redsandsradio.co.uk

  • June 2013

4G Mobile Services - 20.06.13 At800 has placed adverts in The Surrey Mirror group of newspapers warning that Freeview TV signals might be disrupted across Surrey. Any problems contact www.at800.tv.

Radio Seagull 17.06.13 - Radio Seagull have announced that from 1st July Seagull will be on air on 1602 kHz around the clock...

Spend An Evening With Roger ‘Twiggy’ Day! - Come and enjoy a fabulous Evening with Roger at the Sinden Theatre in Tenterden on Saturday 27th July. Roger will captivate you with all sorts of tales about his lengthy radio career, focusing on his offshore radio years and the stars he's worked with over the years, like the Beach Boys. A slide show is included and a Q & A session. Admission just £15.00. Tickets from the Sinden Theatre or call the Box Office direct on 01580 764 222. More details about the evening during "Roger Day International" every evening from 7pm www.rogerday.co.uk

Radio Waddenzee - 16.06.13 Radio Waddenzee has announced it is ceasing broadcasts on 1602 kHz after eight years on 29th June at 19.00 hrs due to difficult advertising conditions in the current recession.

Offshore Echo's Issue 172 - The latest edition of Offshore Echo's -the Offshore radio news and nostalgia magazine is out now. Features include the Radio Mercur story part 4 (previously unpublished); KC on Laser Hot Hits; Newcaster 7; Ted Allbeury interview; Supporting Caroline - Offshore Echos spills the beans on France Radio Club supporting Caroline in the late 80s and early 90s. A must have read! Plus the new OEM catalogue of Offshore radio DVD's, CD's and books. OEM subscribers can enjoy discounts on a number of DVD's and CD's. e.g. on the Offshore Radio Years Revisited series, the subscribers price is £19.99, and non-subscribers £22.99. Many other discs have similar subscriber discounts. STOP PRESS...... Just released SPEND A DAY WITH LASER HOT HITS Easter 1987 with Brandy Lee, Paul Jackson and D.L. Bogart. A complete days programming on an MP3 DVD. £22.99. SPECIAL SUBSCRIBERS PRICE £19.99 which includes Bonus of complete last Brandy Lee show from 20th April 1987. www.offshoreechos.com or see Other Radio Groups

Steam Tug 'Challenge' - Tony e-mailed us a short update as the tug has moved to a temporary berth (101e) at Southampton. As Tony reminds us the vessel is only based here. She is visiting various ports including Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival on the 7th and 8th of September and The Mayor's Thames Festival on the 10th September. Your chance to see a bit of Offshore radio history. For more details keep a check on www.stchallenge.org.

Pirates of the Airwaves - News has been posted on the Garry Stevens website of a second feature length film about Radio Hauraki. Unlike 3 Mile Limit (see below) this version mixes drama with archive footage, interviews and 60s music to recreate the story For the story and trailer visit. http://www.lippypictures.com/index.php?page=pirates-of-the-airwaves

1953 Coronation - if you missed the complete showing of the BBC's 1953 Coronation broadcast on BBC Parliament go to www.radiotimes.com/1953 to download a free pdf of the historic issue of the Radio Times.

4G Mobile Services - At800 is mailing homes across London as O2, 3 Mobile and Vodaphone increase testing prior to full network launch and start to switch on thousands of masts. At800's tests will pale into insignificance and the Ofcom estimates 2 million people might be affected across the country. The new users utilise 800 MHz band next to Freeviews 700MHz. The regulator believes 1% of households could lose Freeview. (full article in Daily Telegraph 6th June 2013.)

  • May 2013

Sporadic e - 30.05.13 we're entering peak conditions for this with, noted today from 5pm North African? stations audible on 87.8, 91.2 & 91.5 MHz

AFN - 28.05.13 as part of the Department of Defense’s ongoing efforts to reduce operating costs AFN Europe is turning off its 873 AM radio transmitter in Central Germany on May 31st. Currently, 873 provides Power Network programming - a mix of news, talk and political commentary. The 873 AM transmitter located in Weisskirchen, Germany, was singled out for cost savings because of its isolated location and high-cost upkeep requirements. Eds Comments: in the 40s, 50s and beyond AFNs music programming was an alternative to Luxembourg to the ordinary listener and where many heard true rock 'n' roll with US presentation style. Whilst past its heyday another historic transmitter bites the dust...

Sealand - an article in the Independent on 18th May "Notes From A Small Island" online at:


June 2013 International Radio Report by Hans Knot has just crashed into my in box. Sign up to this or visit. www.hansknot.com.

Three Mile Limit - based on the true story of Radio Hauraki this movie is due to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival and make it's debut in New Zealand this June. Any details of a UK distribution of the film or a later DVD release will be shown here. See the poster on our Three Mile Limit page!

Global Radio - The Competition Commission has told Global they will have to sell eight stations following the takeover of GMG's radio stations. The eight stations must be Heart, Real, Smooth or Capital branded in either the East Midlands, Cardiff, North Wales, the North-East, South / West Yorkshire, or Central Scotland. Two Manchester stations must be disposed off. The Competition Commission comments "in each of the seven areas, the merger would mean the loss of either the only main competitor or one of the three main alternatives. These smaller advertisers would stand to lose most from this loss of rivalry." Global said on the 21st May they would consider their response.

Jim Duggan - SB bought a copy of the April Edition of All About Horsham to this month's meet. In the magazine there is an interview with Jim who worked for Radio Caroline in the 60s in promotions and Sales. Alternatively you can visit their website www.aahorsham.co.uk. and look at the April archive.

Surrey Anorak's Society - As advertised by Susy Radio the next sasradiogroup meet is Tuesday 7th May so pop down of you can!

Steam Tug 'Challenge' - 06.05.13 Tony advises that Steam Tug Challenge has finally left Shoreham which has been her home port for over 8 years. Capable of 7 knots the vessel took 14 hours to reach Southampton fighting Force 6 gusting Force 7 winds and going against the tide. Sometimes forward speed being reduced to 1.5 knots. The DLSRT team describe this as a good test. We wish them well and hope for a further report from Tony. www.stchallenge.org

  • April 2013

Radio Seagull - has announced that co-operation with the 1395 licence holders has ended, and broadcasts will cease on 1395AM at 7pm on April 30th after 13 months. Seagull continues daily broadcasting via 1602 from 7pm til 7am (CET). Spanish co-user of 1602, Radio Vittoria, (27kW) will cease using this frequency by April 30th which may make some improvement at night time.

May 2013 International Radio Report by Hans Knot published - as usual lots of interest. We don't just say this go to the link and see his fascinating report with lots of correspondence from Offshore veterens www.hansknot.com.

Global Radio - The Sunday Times reported that Global hasn’t paid corporation tax for five years. According to an assessment from campaign group Corporate Watch investigations show that interest payments on loans it has taken from its owners Jersey based Global Radio Group Ltd through the Channel Islands Stock Exchange have wiped out its taxable profits in the UK. The UK companies’ accounts show they have borrowed £233 million from their owners at a massive 15% interest rate, with another £252 million at 10.5% from another company only described as a ‘connected party’.” In response Global Radio said they had “invested over £500m in commercial radio in the UK over the past 6 years and played a major part in promoting and rejuvenating the sector. Global is a fully tax-compliant company, as agreed with HMRC.”

Global Radio finds out on May 22nd) if their takeover of GMG’s radio division gets Competition Commission approval.

At800 - From Monday 15th April a much larger test is being run in SE London to ascertain interference issues to Freeview at 800 MHz from 4G mobile services. Around 170,000 households and business addresses in parts of Greenwich, Lewisham, Southwark and Tower Hamlets are being contacted directly to alert them to the test. Any problems contact At800 on 0333 31 31 800. You will be asked for your postcode, the type of interference and the time it occurred.

At800 - The company said it only had 15 complaints instead of the estimated 120 after its tests in the West Midlands to assess 4G interference to Freeview TV services.

Pub Time! - Nothing to do with the Toby Inn. A few publications have landed on our doormat...

Offshore Echoes Issue 171 - An Offshore Station Against Hitler, Ferry Eden interview, Radio Mercur story, Struggle for 192metre

Tune Into Yesterday Issue 68 - 30th Anniversary Edition Programme Recoveries & Preservation, plus supplement "Rastenburg Bomb Plot"

SAS Interference Issue 89 - Private & Pirate Short-Wave Radio Winter 2012 / 2013

For contact details Offshore Echos and Tune Into Yesterday see Other Radio Groups

  • March 2013

Radio Caroline 29th March 2013 - Check out the Caroline website / Ross Cam to see the new mast at its full height. Next job is to install rigging and cross trees. The mast is self supporting but given that it is on a ship it is essential to rig!

Radio Caroline 28th March 2013 - hard to believe but this iconic station celebrates her 49th birthday today! Visit http://radiocaroline.co.uk. Others such as Uncool Radiocelebrating the birthday with special music too! Why not meet like minded people and visit us at the Toby Inn in Redhill from 8.30pm on Tuesday 2nd April.

April 2013 International Radio Report by Hans Knot published - as usual lots of interest. www.hansknot.com.

Steam Tug 'Challenge' - the DLSRT has been contacted by Guillermo C. Berger from Buenos Aires who advise they have a steam tug that was built only two years after Challenge at the Alexander Hall shipyard, Aberdeen. Like the DLSRT they intend to restore their tug http://www.histarmar.com.ar/Remolcadores/0%20Remolcadores/Triunfador1.htm

Uncool Radio - The station has extended programes now running from 7pm until midnight. Following on from Roger Day, Allen Fleckney joined from Monday 18th March with a show from 10pm to midnight. Shows are repeated throughout the day. Playing “the sort of music nobody else is playing from artists the other radio stations ignore” www.rogerday.co.uk

4G Services / Freeview - at800, - started on 18th March the first trial to see how 4G at 800Mhz signals could cause disruption to Freeview TV signals. This centres on the Cradley Heath and Rowley Regis area of the West Midlands and runs for up to two weeks. The aim is to see how many viewers will be affected and to see that the filters at800 supplies to consumers meet the specifications. Further trials will follow as 4G is rolled out across the UK. Eds Comment: You think such testing would have been done ages ago but, Ofcom having allocated 4G frequencies which may cause interference or totally disrupt Freeview near 4G transmitters. Do they actually care about the consumer? or are they just interested in the money? Now you know why we call Ofcom 'Ofswtich!'

Surrey Anorak's Society - next meet is Tuesday 5th March so pop down of you can!

  • February 2013

26.02.13 Hans Knot has published the March 2013 International Radio Report He reports that the movie '3 Mile Limit' is now in Post Production in Wellington, New Zealand. This is based on the story of Radio Hauraki broadcasting from international waters in the 1960’s. Filming completed in Auckland in December 2012. No.8 Films has an international distributor interested in the film, which will be shown at the Cannes Film Festival in May. www.hansknot.com.

26.02.13 BBC World Service - in a statement the World Service stated that English language short-wave broadcasts to China and Persian services to Iran were being deliberately jammed resulting in widespread disruption.

21.02.13 Zimbabwe - The Times reports that police were hunting "communication devices" and seizing solar and wind-up radios. For eight years the opposition MDC party had been distributing such devices to enable people to hear overseas short-wave broadcasts. Nhlanhla Ngwenya (director of the Zimbabwe branch of Institute of Southern Africa said "claims of law-breaking were baseless...the law prohibited possession of only broadcasting equipment".

Digital TV - much discussed in our meetings are the problems the new 4G mobile services may cause to Freeview. The Sunday Telegraph on 17.02.13 reports that 40,000+ homes will need to have filters installed. There have been previous reports that up to 100,000 homes near 4G base stations may have to switch to Freesat or cable due to the interference.Ed: Ofcom has taken the money and broken their own rules and, we think UK legislation in allowing such interference to primary distribution systems.

Hans Knot February 2013 International Radio Report - Apologies to Hans for missing this off last month. The February edition is now available see www.hansknot.com.

MV Ross Revenge - Jeremy reminds us that Radio Structures has installed the second section of the new mast on the Ross Revenge. For pictures see http://radiocaroline.co.uk or go the the Radio Structures website.

  • January 2013

Local TV - Comux has beaten competition from the BBC to build the infrastructure for the local TV network. This will see 19 local TV channels launch in cities across England. Comux will also be able to launch two commercial channels which should bring in £10m pa in rent.

BBC Receiving Station Tatsfield - Buy this week's (January 24th) copy of the Surrey Mirror and go to the Yesteryear pages for an insight into how this station was kept on the air for 10 weeks during the Big Freeze in the winter of 1962-3.

Steam Tug 'Challenge' - 23.01.13 Tony reports that work is in its final stage. The new bolier was fitted last December thanks to UK Lottery money and the engine is currently being rebuilt. It is hoped the vessel will be back at sea in April when she will be moved to Southampton. www.stchallenge.org

Zenith Classic Rock - SE Ireland, has returned with a temporary licence to broadcast for 15 weekends from 8th January. Broadcasting on 103.8 MHz, DAB, and 1584 kHz AM stereo 1kw. Webstream relaying AM http://dab.totalbroadcast.net:8600/zenithamstereo and Station website http://www.zenithclassicrock.com

Brighton Experimental - 22.01.13 DAB+ tests with seagull noises and chill out music now on-air. Operated by Ofcom from Sussex Heights on a loop with announcements as BEX6 and BEX7. Ed comments nearly seven years after being adopted as the world standard Ofcom are finally taking notice. The UK along with Norway and Denmark are the only remaining countries with DAB, others having migrated to DAB+ or similar. The majority of UK DAB sets are obsolescent not being future compatible with DAB+ (AAC+). Make sure any DAB set you buy can receive DAB+ as we believe this is the first step to abandoning DAB in the UK and migrating to DAB+.

London Pirate Radio - Tony sends us info that Ofcom carried out 40 raids against pirate radios in Islington against 12 different stations, and nine against stations in Hackney from January until end October 2012. More info will appear in an SAS Newsletter later this year. Meanwhile, our January 2013 newsletter is on London FM Listings for 2012. Eight pages of info!

Bath 04.01.13 - A fire at the Bathampton site affected all Freeview TV, national analogue and digital radio plus BBC Radio Bristol 104.6 FM to 80,000 homes in the area. Firecrews arrived at 5.50am and Avon & Somerset police the fire may have been started deliberately. Power was cut as a result of the fire and services restored in the afternoon by Arqiva.

BBC Radio Cymru - There is a dispute between Eos (Welsh musicians who took over from the PRS in Wales) and the BBC. This has forced the BBC to playing English language and classical music as the Eos, who represent 331 Welsh artists, have failed to reach agreement on royalty payments. BBC Radio Cymru has 150,000 listeners which is the same as BBC Radio Norfolk.

Radio Listeners Guide 2013 edition published. Details of BBC national, Regional and Local services, UK commercial and community radio, plus Irish National and commercial stations. See website http://www,radioguide.co.uk for details and tell them you found it via our website.