The Surrey Anorak Society is adding more archive material from our members. Not only will these be of the offshore radio stations which got this group going in the first place but, also some of our land based pirates. We will be putting on our website photos of visits to the ships, car stickers, posters and other written material. 

To join our re-vamped RNI page SB sent in previously unpublished photographs of a trip to the Ross Revenge in 1985 to help us celebrate Caroline's 50th birthday. 

"I'm pleased that they will be seen by a number of people now. It seems silly to "squirrel away" when I know they will be appreciated. We visited in the summer some-time - I returned to work with a very red face which was commented on (all that reflection of the sun from the sea?). I heard about the trips by listening to "ads" on South East Sound (Ed: an AM rock music pirate from South London) and then contacted John Burch, the great organiser! Everybody on board was so nice - it was a wonderful day, especially with a calm sea. We also passed by the Communicator, but could not go on board.

More will come across the following months...

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