About SASradiogroup

There have been meetings of free radio aficionados in London and the South east from the late 1960s. These were either connected to the Free Radio groups of the time or attached to specific land-based pirate radio stations such as South West London's Radio Jackie or the rockers Southern Radio which subsequently became South East Sounds.

Our regular monthly meetings started back in 1985. The first get-together to form the society took place at The Chequers Inn at Horley in January 85. Here Ken James, Chris Wheeler, well-known Caroline DJ Johnnie Lewis, Graham P, Ian and Gina plus myself. Here we set-up the Caroline Movement (East Surrey Branch) with Ken James being elected as our branch co-ordinator. The first proper gathering took place the following month at The Home Cottage Public House in Redhill, Surrey. The pub was chosen because of its location near the mainline railway station and adjacent to the main arterial roads (A23 / A25).    

 We were the longest continuously running branch of the Caroline Movement (Caroline Movement Bulletin December 1991).

 With the demise of the Caroline Movement in the 1990s Geoff Rogers came up with a new title – the Surrey Anorak’s Society in 1997. We’re also confusingly also known as “The Radio Group”. This is blamed on the locals who frequent the pub. “Whose that lot over there?” – “That’s the radio group” so we decided to purloin that title as well!

In 1998 we started our own newsletter 'The SAS Home Pages' now renamed SAS Interference.

 3rd August 2011 - In May, June and July 2011 we decamped to the Toby Inn as the Home Cottage underwent an extensive refurbishment. We intended to hold the August meeting there too but it was shut for a week so we went back to the Home Cottage in its new guise. 'Pub & Dining'. Very nice it is too - with prices to match!. As we had nine 'members' we held a vote for the meetings future location. 

After using the Toby Inn for a few years we've moved back to the Home Cottage and the Toby cut the opening hours.

The Home Cottage before refurbishment / reconstruction in 2011. Our 'home' from February 1985 to April 2011  and back from 2021